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How to Play Stream with Others on Twitch

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Twitch isn’t just a solo streaming experience. If you want to stream with your friends, you can use Twitch’s new Squad Stream feature, which allows up to four streamers to combine their streams in one window for combined viewers. Here is how.

To do this, you need to be set up for Twitch streaming on your PC or mobile platform. You also need to have the other Twitch users you want to stream with as a friend, someone you follow, or be a member of the same Twitch team.

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Most importantly, you can only broadcast streams on Twitch if you have Twitch Affiliate status. Twitch has promised to offer this feature to all Twitch streamers at a later date, but Twitch has not set a schedule as to when this is scheduled.

Access to Twitch Stream Manager

You must be signed in to your Twitch account on the company̵

7;s website to start a Squad Stream. Once you’re signed in, click your account icon in the top right corner.

Select the Creator Dashboard option from the drop-down menu.

Click the account icon in the top right corner of the Twitch website, then click

On your Twitch dashboard, you can see your stream information under the Stream Manager section. To start a squad stream, you need to make sure the option is available to the right of your Quick Actions panel.

If not, click the “Add” button to find the feature and add it to your panel.

Click the Add button to add new Actions to your Twitch Quick Action Control Panel.

Invite other Twitch users and start a Twitch Squad stream

Once the Squad Stream option is available in your Twitch Quick Action Window, click on it to start a new Twitch Squad Stream.

To start a new stream, make sure the My Stream tab is selected. To accept an invitation to join another Squad Stream, click Invitations instead.

make sure

To start a new stream, click one of the available add a channel options. Enter the name of a channel that you want to stream on. The name should appear in a drop-down menu below it. Select the channel username to add to your list.

As soon as all invited Twitch streamers have accepted their invitation to start squad streaming and you are ready to start streaming yourself, click the “Start Squad Stream” button.


This will start the squad stream. Other users can view your individual stream or click a banner on any channel page of the Squad Streamer to switch to Squad Stream viewing mode.

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