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How To Play Your Favorite Xbox One Games On iPhone Or Android «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Streaming games has never been better. Not only will you be able to watch your favorite Twitch streamer playing, it will even play along with the new tools added to YouTube. And now, with a solid Internet connection, you can stream your Xbox One games to your phone to enjoy console games on the go.

Similar to streaming PC games, this option is limited to your home network. The idea is, if you do not sit in front of the TV or prefer the convenience of a phone, you can use this app. Although there are costs for this app, it is not a monthly subscription. For a one-time fee, you can enjoy your Xbox anywhere in your home.


Step 2: Enable Game Streaming

After installation, you must configure your Xbox to allow remote streaming. Turn on your Xbox and select the Xbox button to bring up the page menu. Navigate to the gear icon and select Settings. Scroll down to "Settings" and select "Xbox App Connectivity".

On this page, select the radio next to "Only profiles signed in to Xbox". Then check the "Allow game streaming to other devices" check box.

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Step 3: Connect your phone to your Xbox

You need to be on the same network as yours Xbox are located. Whether your Xbox is connected via Ethernet or wireless, your phone must be on the same network.

Open the app on your phone, and after browsing the initial setup pages, click the Back button on the Help page to return to the main menu. Select the "Register" button here, then the app will search your network for Xbox One consoles. If there are multiple Xbox Ones, they will all be listed on your phone. Therefore, select the Xbox One console you want to connect to.

Once you have selected the console (or if there is only one console), you will be prompted to log in to the Microsoft account that corresponds to the Xbox Live Gamertag that you want to stream from. After you sign in, a toast message will appear on your Xbox telling you that streaming has started and the screen of your Xbox One should now be streaming to your phone.

Manually configuring the Xbox / Telephone connection

If OneCast does not do this If you find your Xbox in automatic scanning, you can manually search for it using the app. You need the IP address of the Xbox. So go back to your Xbox One and re-enter the settings. Select "Network," then "Network Settings," then "Advanced Settings." Here you will find the IP address. Type this in the text box of your phone and OneCast will search for your Xbox One again.

Some Important Information

While the newer Xbox One controller has a Bluetooth connection, the delay in input was introduced when you connect your Xbox One controller to your phone, the volume is high. OneCast recommends that you leave the Xbox controller for minimum input delay connected to the Xbox instead. As long as your controller stays connected to the Xbox, you can use it with your phone as if it were connected. If you go this route, we recommend buying a phone holder for your Xbox controller to position your phone's screen optimally over your controller.

Technically, you can use a Bluetooth controller. However, this did not work in our tests does not always work. I tried a couple of controllers, including a Razer Naiju Mobile and a PS4 controller, and none worked in the OneCast app (though they both controlled general navigation over the phone).

Neither the iPhone nor the Android app support the use of the microphone in the chat and / or voice chat game. OneCast plans to add this feature later.

Image of Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

Similar to other streaming services (like AMD Link) are limited to your home network and your Xbox must be switched on. Another person can not use your Xbox while playing on your phone, and you can not use this app outside of your home network. For the latter, you must wait for Project xCloud from Microsoft.

For the best performance, you need a very strong connection. A 5 GHz connection has more than enough bandwidth (assuming the Internet service you're paying is also high) to ensure smooth streaming with minimal entry delay. For best results, connect your Xbox via the Ethernet port. If your phone supports USB OTG, you can connect your phone over Ethernet even though a 5 GHz wireless connection is fine.

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