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How to prevent people stealing your packages

  A strange masked man stealing parcels from an unsuspecting house.
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Will your house be attacked by veranda pirates? Maybe it's time to fight back. Luckily, you can protect your packages with a few simple steps, from the proper delivery instructions to the delivery options for the home. If your parcels are stolen because they are on your lawn or driveway, you can fix the problem by clarifying that parcels need to be delivered to the front door. You might even ask for packages to be left in a different location, such as: B. at a back door. It may also be necessary for parcels to be signed on delivery so they never stay outdoors.

You can also use services like Amazon Day to schedule deliveries on specific days, such as: For example, on days when you are not working. Of course, the Amazon Day feature is only worthwhile if you order via Amazon. When your package is delivered by UPS, FedEx, or USPS, you can schedule deliveries through their package tracking menus. Just click on the tracking number in your shipping confirmation email and select the day your package will be delivered.

Installing a Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras have come a long way. With the advent of cloud storage and high-speed Internet, it's easy to access your camera's live feed or recordings from your phone. In addition, popular smart security cameras like the Arlo Pro or the Ring Video Doorbell are surprisingly cheap, so you do not have to blow up the bank to protect your parcels.

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Intelligent security cameras are relatively affordable and easy to use, but in the end, security cameras work best when they do Scare or completely stop parade thieves Video evidence of a crime is great, but would not you rather have your mail? Try to make the existence of your surveillance camera as clear as possible. You can even use a cheap, fake surveillance camera to deter thieves

Delivering Parcels to Your Workplace or a Friend's Home

One of the easiest ways to keep your parcels safely is to have them delivered to your workstation – just make sure that s Your full name and phone number are noted on the shipping label and try adding additional information such as office numbers or departments. Also keep in mind that some companies are unable to distribute mail. Try to have a small package delivered to your workstation before you risk a costly purchase.

Alternatively, you can have a package delivered to a friend's home. Choose a friend with a short drive or history of successful deliveries, or ask if one of your friends has a mailbox that he shares with you.

Pick up your package in a locker or delivery center.

You do not have to pay for a box to receive secure remote delivery. If you're a prime customer, you can have your Amazon packages delivered directly to an Amazon locker during the payment process. Once your package arrives, you will receive a temporary PIN code for quick access around the clock. These lockers are located throughout the country and there is probably one in your area.

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Of course, you can only use Amazon Locker for Amazon packages. Alternatively, you can ask the USPS, UPS, or FedEx to keep your package in a delivery center for up to five days. Click on the tracking number in your shipping confirmation email and select "Keep My Package" (sometimes this option will be buried in the "Change My Location" menu).

Use Amazon Key for In-Home or In-Home. Car Deliveries

Amazon Key is a strange idea, but it's an easy way to make sure none of your packages get lost. Basically, Amazon Key is just software coupled with a smart lock and a smart surveillance camera. You can quickly lock and unlock your door with a key code, Alexa voice commands, or scheduled routines. Each time the door unlocks, Amazon Key sends you notifications and records a short video.

If you have not figured that out yet, you can give delivery to your home temporarily via the Amazon Key system. Your parcels land at your home, even when you are not at work. Sure, that sounds suspicious, but Amazon Key records every shipment, and Amazon employees have no reason to snoop around your home if they know they're being watched.

For a bit more peace of mind Keep in mind that you can only use Amazon Key for your garage or car. That way, nobody goes straight to your living room to deliver packages.

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