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How to print a page area in a multipart Word document

When you print to Microsoft Word, you can print the entire document, the current page, or a series of pages. But what if you have a document with several sections, each with its own page numbering? There is a nifty little trick that you can use to specify a number of pages in a particular section or over multiple sections. Let's take a look.

In Word, go to the File menu, and then click the Print command.

Click the "Print All Pages" button on the right and select "Custom Print" from the drop-down menu.

In the Settings Pane In the Pages box, enter the range of pages you want to print. Here comes the trick to fruition. To specify the page and page numbers, use the following syntax:

  p # s # -p # s # 

This is the page and section number of the first page to be printed, followed by a dash The page and section number of the last page you want to print.

To print non-contiguous pages Pages or non-contiguous sections, you can use a comma instead of a dash to separate the page and section numbers as you type. You can also use s # to print all the pages of a particular section.

Let's look at a few examples.

Let's say you wanted to print pages 1-3 of the section 2. To do so, type p1s2-p3s2 .

Now let's make it a bit more complicated and say you wanted to print Page 3 from Section 1 to Page 1 Section 2. Enter p3s1-p1s2.

You can also print entire sections by specifying only the section number. For example, if you want to print all the pages in sections 1 and 3 (but not in section 2), enter s1, s3.

Now let's look at a more complicated, compound example. For example, suppose you wanted to print pages 2-5 of section 1 and pages 1-4 of section 3. These are two areas of pages that are not adjacent. For that you would p2s1-p5s1, p1s3-p4s3 .

When you're ready to print, click the "Print" button

Another quick tip: If you're not sure what section number you're using You can quickly find this out by opening the header or footer area on a page in this section. Word will show you the section number right there.

As you can see, there are many small hidden features in Word that you would never encounter by chance. I hope you find this useful here.

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