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How to Print Comments Only in Word

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When collaborating with multiple people on a document, leaving comments is an integral part of the process. You can print the document along with comments. But what if you just want to print the comments? You can.

Why do you only want to print the comments of a document? There are several reasons. You might just want a printout of the comments you can keep for your records. Or would you like to sit down with the staff as a group and look at the document and the comments separately? After all, a printed page with edits and comments may be a bit overwhelming. Whatever your reason, Word makes it easy.

Print comments only

First, open the document that contains the comments you want to print. On the Review tab, click the Show Markup button.

 Select the

tab. The top of the drop-down menu displays "Comments." If there is a tick next to it, nothing has to be done here. If not, continue and select it.

 Show Comments

It is also worth noting that instead of printing all the comments, you have the option to only have comment specific to the examiner. To do this, select "Certain People" from the menu and select the respective reviewer whose comments you want to keep in the displayed list. Otherwise leave "All reviewers" selected.

 certain people

Then select the "File" tab.

 Select the

tab In the left pane, select "Print".


Various options and a preview of the document are displayed. At the top of the Settings section, select Print All Pages.

 Settings menu is displayed. In the section, select the "Markup List" option. Also, make sure the Print Markup option is selected below.

 List of markup - markup print



You now have a printed version of the document's comments only.

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