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How to protect parts of a Word document from editing

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When you collaborate on a document with several other people, there is always a chance that the content you did not want to change will be edited. Protect yourself from human error by protecting certain parts of a Word document from being edited.

Protecting Specific Content in a Word Document

So, you are getting ready to send your Word document, but you want to make sure that it is safe. Parts of the document remain unaffected. Rather than relying on confidence, you can use a feature that makes certain parts of your content read-only and non-editable.

First, open the Word document to be protected and the header Click on the "Restrict editing" button.

tab then click the "Restrict Editing" button The Restrict Editing area appears on the right side of Word. Activate the check box "Only allow this type of editing in the document".

 Select the check box under Editing Restrictions

If you select this check box, the drop-down menu below will be displayed. Make sure "No changes (Read only)" is selected in the menu. You will also notice a new "Exceptions" option, but we'll come back to that later.

 no changes only readable

Now you have to select the parts of the option Document for which you want to allow editing . Which parts you do not select is displayed as read-only. Continue and select the text by clicking on it with the mouse and dragging it over the text. If you have specific content in two separate sections that you want to keep open for editing, hold down the Ctrl key while you click and drag to add it to your selection.

If the text is selected Go back to the "Restrict Editing" section and check the "Any" check box under "Exceptions". This allows anyone who receives the document to edit the selected content. If you are on a corporate network and only want to allow certain people to edit the content, select "More users" and enter the names of the users (note that this requires access to a central network user directory).

 Any Exception

Finally, in the "Start Enforcement" section, click "Yes, Enforce Enforcement."

 Begin Enforcement

The "Start The Force Protection Window" appears, notifying you that the document is not encrypted and therefore vulnerable to malicious users Enter Password Enter and select "OK." If you have selected specific people for whom editing is allowed, select "User Authentication" instead.

 Password Protection

Word now highlights the selected text and parentheses, which is an identifier for users who are the editable sections.

 highlighted text

A new option appears in the right pane, with you can jump from the editable section editable section. All you need to do is click on "Find next region I can edit".

Tue e "All Regions I Can Edit" option displays the editable sections, as the name implies. If you want to remove the highlights from the text, uncheck the box next to "Areas I can edit."

 find next region

To remove the protection restrictions for the document Click "Unprotect" at the bottom of the "Restrict Editing" section.

 Stop Protection

Now you can securely send the document for collaboration without having to worry about certain parts being edited otherwise it should remain untouched.

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