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How to quickly check whether your iPhone is still covered by Apple’s warranty or AppleCare «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

For example, suppose your iPhone’s screen shows signs of discoloration making it annoying to use the display. You need a replacement display or a new iPhone as soon as possible. If you’ve got one of the newer iPhone models, the cost of repairing it might be more than it would be for your wallet. However, a warranty may cover this and there are ways to quickly verify this.

You can easily check with Apple to see if your iPhone is still under a limited warranty or an extended protection plan. If the screen is defective, the warranty should cover it. If your warranty has expired or is the result of accidental damage, AppleCare +, AppleCare + Theft and Lost, or your carrier’s AppleCare services can help reduce the cost of repairs.

There are several ways to check your warranty or AppleCare plan status. However, we are going to show you four options to choose from: through the Settings app, the Apple Store app, the Apple Support app, and the Apple product coverage website.

Option 1
: check your coverage through settings

The quickest place to check if your iPhone is still under warranty is in the Settings app. Open the “General” menu and tap “About”. Next, you’ll want to tap one of the options below.

However, if your cover has expired it will show it and that may be all you need to know. Some plans list the expiration date. If that’s all you need to know, stop here. Click through for more information.

  • AppleCare +: This means that you have purchased an active basic protection plan directly from Apple, either in advance or with a monthly subscription.
  • AppleCare + with theft and loss: This means that you have purchased an active Theft and Loss Allowance protection plan directly from Apple, either in advance or with a monthly subscription.
  • AppleCare services: This means that you’ve purchased or subscribed to a protection plan from a carrier such as Credo Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Visible, or Xfinity Mobile, to name a few, including the benefits of AppleCare Services.
  • Limited Warranty: This means you still have Apple’s one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If it says “AppleCare + Coverage Available,” you can still add Apple’s additional protection plan.
  • Cover expired: This means you will no longer be covered by the limited warranty and will no longer be able to get AppleCare + protection.

By doing cover On this page you can see details about your support. If you are under warranty, it will tell Covered or Available next to each option. Options vary depending on the plan. For example, the following can be displayed:

  • Hardware cover: AppleCare +, AppleCare + theft and loss, AppleCare Services, Limited Warranty
  • Telephone support: AppleCare Services, coverage expired
  • Chat & phone support: AppleCare +, AppleCare + theft and loss, limited warranty
  • Accident damage: AppleCare +, AppleCare + with theft and loss
  • Theft and loss: AppleCare + with theft and loss
  • Express replacement: AppleCare +, AppleCare + with theft and loss
  • 24/7 priority access: AppleCare +, AppleCare + with theft and loss
  • Paid repairs & services: Cover expired

Below that you may see a Get repair or support This section provides information about coverage and other details about Apple’s limited warranty. To view more specific data for your warranty or protection plan, the Apple Support app must be installed on your device. Tap Download the Apple Support App to open it in the App Store, or just choose Open if you already have it. Then move on to option 3 to learn more about what’s shown in Apple Support.

Option 2: check your coverage through the Apple Store

Once you’ve installed the Apple Store app, you can sign in and then open it from the For You tab. You will see a list of your devices. If you see your iPhone right away, tap Device Details.

If you have coverage like the one listed above, it’ll show up here and a link to open the Apple Support app for more information, just like in option 1. Check out option 3 below for more information learn more about what’s shown in Apple Support.

If your coverage in the Apple Store has expired, you won’t see it. Instead, you’ll get an estimated trade-in value in case you’re upgrading to lower the overall cost of a new iPhone.

Option 3: check your coverage through Apple Support

Would you like to see most of the information without the middleman in advance? Just install and open the Apple Support app. If your iPhone doesn’t appear right away as shown above, select it from the list My devices.

In Apple Support, you can search a variety of support topics related to your battery, third-party apps, subscriptions and purchases, passwords and security, updates, and more. Under “Repairs and Physical Damage” you can quickly make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store if you have a cracked screen or water damage, for example.

The Device Details section provides more information about your device and a date that AppleCare +, AppleCare Services, or the limited warranty will expire, if you haven’t already. If you have a paid protection plan, you may see a link to “Make a Claim” below Coverage info when you need a repair or replacement.

Option 4: check your coverage through Apple’s website

While the first three options above are quick, they only show you part of your warranty status. You’ll need to install an app or two to see more information, set up a repair, or learn more about technical issues. If you don’t want to download apps that you only use once in a blue moon, you can always check the warranty status of your iPhone through Apple’s official website.

Before heading to the website, you should copy your iPhone’s serial number to your clipboard. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Info, long press on the line “Serial number” and tap on “Copy” to save it to your clipboard.

In Safari or any web browser of your choice, go to checkcoverage.apple.com and paste your serial number in the text box that asks you. Then scroll down and enter the CAPTCHA code (case-insensitive) to verify you are human and click the blue “Next” button to view your warranty status.

Above Check the coverHere you can see details about your device (model) and your serial number. Below you can see the following warranty details:

  • legal purchase date: If it has a green check mark, it means you bought it from an official dealer and it is easier for you to find and get help for your product. Purchases or gifts from unofficial third parties will not be recognized.
  • Telephone technical support: If it has a green check mark, your product can get technical support over the phone. A yellow exclamation mark means it has expired.
  • Repair and service coverage: If it has a green check mark, your product is eligible for hardware repairs and services, but it may be restricted. Learn more about your warranty and set up a repair at your nearest Apple Store or elsewhere. If you still have a limited warranty but don’t have a protection plan, here’s how to do it; B. the expected expiry date.
  • Covered by [Plan Name]: Your product is subject to the aforementioned plan, which can be AppleCare +, AppleCare + theft and loss, or AppleCare Services. This is where you can see if you have any additional support and service after the limited warranty, how many incidents of accidental damage you have left and, if there is an assisted plan, your theft and loss coverage. Below that, you’ll see the date the plan will expire, typically two years for iPhones and three years for computers and displays. If you have an AppleCare + plan, you can get a claim right away. Otherwise, check with your network operator.

When trying to set up a repair, there are various topics you can browse through like physical damage, battery problems, subscriptions and purchases, etc.

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