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How to quickly select emoji in messages on an iPhone or iPad

  Screenshot of frequently used emojis on iOS

For iPhone and iPad in particular, iMessage is an essential part of communication. It's probably one of the most used apps for many of us. Emoji users love it, but did you know that you can easily use words to invoke emoji?

One of the great things about iPhone and iPad is that their on-screen keyboards make it quick and easy to switch to an emoji host. You can type in with a tip, but there are a few other ways to send emoji via messages. and one of them is very fast. In fact, there are two ways to add emoji-style flair to a message you may not yet know:

To quickly add an emoji while typing

When you're writing a great message, Nobody likes to change the keyboard in the middle of the flow. If you're using an iPhone, this is not required because iOS suggests emoji based on the word you just typed. To try it out, type the word "Apple" in a message entry window and notice what's happening in the QuickType bar just above the keyboard. Notice the two emoji apples? To select one, just tap it.

 When you type Apple, Apple Emoji appears on the QuickType bar

Note: Disable the QuickType Bar and forget how to turn it off again ? To enable and disable Predictive Typing on your iPhone or iPad.

This works in the middle of a sentence and is a very quick way to avoid having to change the keyboard when creating a message. It even works for multi-word emoji names, such as B. "Thumbs up".

 Thumbs up showing emoji thumbs up

To quickly add emoji after typing

If you've gotten a message at the end of the message and would like to add emoji for a little color, That is not a problem. You do not have to go back and start editing. Instead, switch to the emoji keyboard by tapping the icon under the keyboard.

 Tap the Emoji keyboard button.

You will find that text messages can be replaced by an emoji can tap on a word to activate the switch.

 The text "thumbs up" is highlighted in orange and the thumbs up emoji appears as a replacement option

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