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How to receive notifications only for messages that you have tagged on your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Group chats, especially those with many active participants, can bombard your iPhone with hundreds of texts in a single day. It can get overwhelming very quickly if you don’t take precautions to block all notifications for that conversation. But there is now another option that will ensure that you only receive notifications for the messages that matter most to you on the thread.

In iOS 14, Apple integrated mentions in group iMessage chats in the Messages app. So if you want to make sure someone sees your message in a group conversation, mark them. Their notifications say you’ve marked them and they can jump straight to the message from them. However, this does not prevent the sometimes constant flood of incoming warnings when the group gets particularly lively.

Because of this, you can still hide warnings for the entire thread ̵

1; just with an additional setting that ensures that you get a notification every time they are mentioned.

Step 1: Check if the setting is enabled

You may be able to skip this step altogether as the feature is enabled by default. Just in case, you might want to check your Messages app settings. In the settings, tap on “Messages” and make sure that the switch “Notify” is activated under Mentions. Regardless of whether a thread is muted or not, you will receive warnings when you mark it.

Step 2: mute your group calls

Now you can go into messages and mute the most disturbing group iMessage conversations. There are several ways to do this:

  • Open a message thread, tap the group photos or name to expand your options, click About, and toggle the “Hide Alerts” toggle (shown below).
  • In the message list, swipe the left mouse button over a thread, then tap the bell icon with a line through it.
  • Long-press a thread in the message list, then select “Hide Alerts” from the quick actions.

Do this for as many group conversations as necessary.

Step 3: Receive notifications only when mentioned

If your conversation is muted but you’ve turned on Notify Me, you’ll still get notifications – but only if your name is tagged in the thread using the new mentions feature. The warnings indicate that you have been tagged, the content of the text, the person tagging you, and either the group name of the other group chat participants.

If you open the conversation from the alert, you will jump directly to that message in the thread. Your name will also be highlighted in blue each day to help you identify these messages.

For example, let’s say you turned on Do Not Disturb or turned off message notifications. In these cases you will not receive any notification. Mentioned notifications will only work if the conversation is muted or unmuted. All other attempts to deactivate alerts will also deactivate flagged notifications.

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