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How to record calls on an iPhone

You want to record a call on your smartphone. Maybe it's a job interview, a call to customer service, or a conversation with a loved one. There are some limitations on Android (and many of the following are also true for Android phones.)

If you want to record a call while using an iPhone, it will be difficult.

You would think there was an app that does not allow Apple to allow third-party apps to access the microphone and integrated phone app directly. However, in some apps and services, there are tricks to work around this limitation, which can turn you into a mobile firing master.

Before you record, you must notify the person at the other end of the line that you are recording them; Depending on your location, you may violate a law if you do not. In some US states ̵

1; such as New York and even the states – only one party's consent is required, meaning that you can record without informing the other person or people about it. In California, all parties need to know that they are being recorded – even if the recorder is not in use. Under federal law, the consent of a party is fine, but only if you are part of the convoy. Otherwise, this is considered interception.

None of these laws are as circumcised and dry as it seems (Nevada's one-party agreement was considered by the courts to be an all-party agreement). Play it safe: get the permission for every recorded call. "Forgiveness" could become processious and costly and even lead to criminal charges. If you are nervous, do not get up at all. Rev's people have studied the laws to bring this advice home.

Using Google Voice

If you have not used this free Google Voice account for some time, check it out It offers free voice mail, a free phone number, and a call-around service ( it rings as many IRL phones as you like until you answer), and even call recording on incoming calls. While you can use the Google Voice app on your iPhone to make outgoing calls, you can not record them using Google Voice.

For the function to work, it has to be activated in the settings. From the mobile app or voice.google.com, go to the Hamburger Menu ()> Settings> Calls> Incoming Call Options .

 Google Voice - Recording iPhone calls

You can set preferences to answer calls either through the app itself (activate the iOS device) or by calling Forward your mobile number. Anyway, does not make the recording on your iPhone technically. Everything is done on Google's servers, which handle the Voice over IP (VoIP) connection.

If you're answering calls made to your Google Voice number, tap 4. on the keypad. Participants will hear a robot consent state that recording has begun – that's how Google keeps you legal. Alphabet Inc. does not want to be part of a lawsuit. To stop recording, tap 4 again or hang up. You can press 4 as many times as you want to start and stop recording.

Call records are emailed to you and appear in Google Voice's voice mail listing. You can generally tell the difference between voice mail messages and recorded conversations, as they are likely to be longer in duration, and say "Transcription unavailable".

Use a 3-way Call Merge app

Apps can record a call directly unless the phone manufacturer blocks it. On the iPhone, the recording of calls is blocked (period). The apps that exist to record a call – and there are some – have a workaround, but that usually costs you.

iPhone recorder apps only work because they use the 3-way conference call s either incoming or outgoing. The third "caller" being accessed is a record line provided by a service of the app's developer. Of course, 3-way calling is a must for your iPhone for this to work. So make sure your carrier supports it. In the US, the big four, but some smaller network operators do not – at least not in a way that support these apps.

A disadvantage of these apps – they are not as easy as pressing a key on the numeric keypad. because you need to perform the extra steps to perform the merge with the third number that takes the capture. However, they can all be activated during a telephone call. After that you have easy access to recordings in the app and can play, download, share or export them as you like.

Rev Our world-class transcription service, provides an app that facilitates content recording and record-keeping. Outgoing calls by merging a Rev recording number on a 3-way call. You can access the recordings in the entertainment section of the app.

Unlimited recordings are free with Revs service, the storage is unlimited and you can share the recording as you like. Only transcriptions will be charged ($ 1 per minute, but our rating is excellent). The app Rev Call Recording is free for iOS only. Do not confuse it with the Rev Voice Recorder (also free for iOS and Android), which is used for recording face-to-face calls. [194559002]

For most similar apps, recording is the only thing that occurs and the recording time is limited. TapeACall Pro costs $ 10.99 annually – users are billed every year – but The call recording time is unlimited. Call Recorder Pro costs $ 9.99, but offers only 300 minutes of talk time; Make an in-app purchase to record. Both offer "Lite" versions to try on with limited record times (60 seconds) and features.

Select 3-Way Call Recording Services

No need for an app Record your calls using the 3-way call described above. There are several paid services that you can call directly to start recording before you switch on the other party. This also means that you are not limited to just the iPhone. Most fees are calculated per minute.

RecordiaPro can be recorded both in the US (from $ 29.99 for 120 minutes) and worldwide ($ 40 for 190 minutes). You create an account before you call, enter the RecordiaPro number into your contacts, and use it when you call RecordiaPro or tacitly add it to existing calls. For $ 36 a year, you'll get a number that you can spend to record future calls that are automatically recorded. Future recordings are available in your account.

Recordator has a free 10-minute recording version. Otherwise, the start costs $ 67 for 67 minutes. It works similar to RecordiaPro and gives you a number to set up a 3-way conference that takes over the entire recording. For this price, Recordator returns the complete call transfer.

Use your own mailbox – Maybe

If your iPhone supports (via your wireless service provider) for 3-way voice calls and visual voice messages, you have an option for the cheapest workaround.

 iPhone Phone App If you are in a call, wait until the Add Call button lights, so you can add a third caller over 3-way calls. Tell the other person to wait, click the button, and calls itself . Stay on the line and hear your own voicemail greeting and then the sound that indicates recording has started. Touch Merge Calls . All three calls are merged, and the third (your voicemail) picks up the other two.

You can access the recording later, just like any other voice mail message. If you want, export voicemail messages as audio files.

This does not work for all network operators. For me (AT & T) I was loaded by calling my own number in the audio voicemail menu and not recorded. You could always try to call the person on the other line. You will of course go directly to their voicemail . You could then send you the recorded "Voicemail" conversation. However, most interview participants do not want to participate.

In addition, carriers have a limit to how long they can record a voicemail. Test it with your phone and a friend before trusting this method.

A safer option is to use a third-party voice mail system, such as Google Voice or Spring, for the Recordable Recorder Services Recordator.

The Hardware Options

It seems stupid to buy more hardware for iPhone recording – the most advanced hardware in your pocket . However, there is the possibility.

The simplest option, with the least technical outlay – aside from operating a recorder while babbling through the speakerphone – is a cable, the Olympus TP-8 Pickup Microphone for $ 13.90. It does not capture digitally from your iPhone. Instead, a microphone is built into the handset. Plug the other end into a recorder. Hold the iPhone to your ear to speak normally. The TP-8 captures every page of the conversation about what's coming out of the iPhone's earpiece while you can still hear the conversation.

If you need a recorder, get a digital recorder that can accept input through a 3.5mm microphone jack. Wirecutter recommends the $ 80 Sony UX560 for the clearest recordings. It has nearly 40 hours of recording on a single charge, records MP3 files and includes voice activation and a USB port for charging and transferring data to a PC.

Another reliable, cost-effective and versatile option: the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-852 . For less than $ 60, the device can run on 2 AAA batteries, can record up to 1,400 hours of audio, and has 3.5mm jacks for a microphone and headset. It has a USB port hidden above, or copies files to a micro SD card in the side slot.

 Sony UX560 Voice Recorder

A digital recorder is nice and everything, but if you connect a recorder directly to an iPhone with a 3.5mm audio cable, you will not hear the call , When using the iPhone headphone jack – assuming your iPhone even has one – the speaker will be cut off. Get the Recap-C (19459008), a $ 99 adapter that plugs into a 3.5mm jack on an older iPhone, with a headset jack and a recorder. The secondary recorder connected via a 3.5mm audio cable (male / male) is yours. It could even be another iOS device (or Android or PC, but for the sake of simplicity, the digital recorder stays with it.)

An option with far fewer cables is the Esonic PR200 . It records your conversation via Bluetooth. The call button in the center of the device can answer calls using the Bluetooth-connected phone. Hold the PR200 to your head to speak and listen as if it were the phone. It also has a USB end to quickly access recordings on the computer. It takes about 144 hours of talk before the 4 GB of memory is full. It also records like any digital recorder without a smartphone, because it has an external hole microphone.

Wondering how to get an extra phone number for your smartphone? Read the burner accounts 101. If you only record personal conversations, check out 9 voice recorder apps that never miss a second.

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