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How to record video and audio calls with Skype on your iPhone or Android device «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

There's more to it than just liability claims or an angry ex – often this feature is the perfect tool to rescue important calls, such as the news of your recent engagement with your loved one. And with the frequency of video calls, thanks to Skype, you can even record memorable video chats like your mother's first glimpse on your phone.

Skype lets you record video and audio calls on an iPhone or Android device so you can record important meetings and other important events for later viewing. The feature is incredibly intuitive to use and operate, and it works exactly the same on both main platforms. Best of all, the service informs everyone about the status and also receives the record.

For security and privacy reasons, Skype stores records for only 30 days, after which they are permanently deleted. Even so, Skype offers you additional options for saving or sharing your shots for safekeeping, which is easy, as you'll see below. However, there is no setting to disable this feature so you are always in danger of being recorded by others.


The Federal law allows the recording of telephone calls and personal conversations with the consent of at least one of the parties (eg you), but your state may have another approval law. For example, in California, there is a bipartisan consent law, which means that you must obtain permission from the other person (s) before you can initiate a recording. Know your state laws before attempting to record a conversation.

Step 1: Start and Stop Recording

Recording your video or audio calls over Skype could not be easier. Just start a call by tapping the camera or phone icon on the contact information page on your contact's phone number to get started. Once the call has started, tap the "+" button to see more options. From there, press "Start recording" in the lower right corner of the menu to start recording.

Once the recording has been made, the person at the other end will see a small banner at the top of the screen to inform them, or your recording is in progress for your video or audio call. To stop recording, either tap "Stop Recording" at the top of the screen or end the call.

All recordings are made on Skype servers stored in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about storage or clutter on your device.

Step 2: Access your recordings

Once When you have finished your video or audio call, tap the current recording you found on the conversation page of your contact and the play icon to listen to the audio or video recording. Your contact also has a copy of the recording, and as mentioned earlier, you and your contact have 30 days to save and share the recording.

Step 3: Save, Share, and Remove Recording

Tap the sharing icon in the lower left corner to save the video or audio file Corner of the audio or video playback page, then tap "Save". This automatically saves the file to the default Gallery app on your phone. You can also tap and hold the video from the main chat screen, and then tap Save instead of opening the video first.

To share a Skype record with another app, open the video and tap Share the icon at the bottom left, and then tap Share. That way, you can send the files using your favorite messaging, email, or social media app. You can also tap and hold the video on the main chat screen and tap "Next" to send it to another Skype user.

The file itself will in most cases be an MP4, depending on how you share it. It could also be an MOV file if you pass it on to someone through an iMessage. Even if you only record audio, the file will still be a video file.

The recorder can "remove" the video (left) but the recorded person can not (left).

At the moment, only the person who has made the recording of the audio or video call can remove it from the chat history. To do this, just click on the share icon again and tap "Remove". The person being recorded does not see the "Remove" option if they try the same.

Cover photo and screenshots of Amboy Manalo / Gadget hacks

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