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How to recover deleted files from the iCloud drive

Loss of files gives you courage, especially if it's an important working document or pictures of your children. Online storage solutions usually provide a way to recover deleted files. It's no different with iCloud. The process is complicated, but we have the hand in our hands.

Companies like Dropbox offer some comprehensive solutions for recovering deleted files for months after deleting them, and even if iCloud comes close, it's in many ways inadequate

If you've deleted a file previously stored in iCloud Drive Now that you need to recover, there are two things to remember:

  • Files can only be restored up to 30 days after deletion. After that they are gone forever.
  • Recovery can generally only be done on one computer through iCloud.com. Starting with iOS 1
    1 and macOS Sierra, developers can integrate a "recently deleted" feature into their apps, but mileage will vary.

The first of these two limitations means that you probably will not use iCloud Drive file recovery as a reliable backup solution because the history does not go far enough. The second means that the chances are good that recovering files requires a trip to a computer. Any owner of an iPad or iPhone visiting iCloud.com will not be prompted to set up iCloud, open "Find My iPhone," or "Find My Friends." I'll have to cross my fingers and go to iCloud.com. To get started, follow these steps:

Recover Deleted Files from iCloud Drive

You may have never visited it before. To do this, open Safari and connect to the iCloud website. You must sign in with your Apple ID. Make sure you are using the drive associated with the iCloud drive that provides the files to be recovered.

After logging in to iCloud.com, click the Settings button.

Scroll to Click Restore Files at the bottom of the screen below the Advanced section.

The restore file window now appears. If you have many files stored in iCloud and have deleted many files in the last 30 days, the site will take some time to create a list of the files available for recovery. Once completed, a list of deleted files will be displayed, and you will be able to see the previous location, size, and remaining time in iCloud Drive until they expire.

To restore a file, click the check box next to it then click "Restore". You may choose several files at this point.

After successfully restoring the file, iCloud displays a confirmation message.

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