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How to remove background telemetry services on your OnePlus to stop unnecessary data collection «OnePlus :: Gadget Hacks

Your phone tracks your every move to some extent, and I’m not just talking about Google services. Smartphone manufacturers use telemetry services that run in the background to keep track of how you use the device, mainly for advertisements or to improve their future products. You usually don’t have a say, but when you have a rooted OnePlus you can take control of it.

There’s a Magisk module from developer methuntt called Eagle Debloat that was designed for OnePlus 7 but should work with any OxygenOS device running Android 10. So, if you don’t want to partake in the forced analysis of your personal data and want to endure the extra, read on to learn how to regain control of your device.


Step 1
: Download the Eagle Debloat module

Before you can remove the hidden and potentially unnecessary services on your OnePlus device, you need to download the Magisk module. On your OnePlus, tap the link below and save it to your internal storage.

Step 2: Start the installation of the module

The module you just downloaded is from a third party source rather than the official Magisk repo. This means you have to install it manually. Open Magisk Manager, tap the “Modules” icon at the bottom, then click the “Install from Memory” button. Go to the location of the module file (by default the Download folder) and tap once on debloatv2.0.zip to start the installation process.

Step 3: choose your debloater options

When prompted to check your device, press the volume buttons. You will then be asked “Yes” (increase volume) or “No” (decrease volume). The “Extremely debloat” option removes almost all Google apps from your device (minus the Play Store) and all OnePlus Analytics services. This is the ultimate one-step option, but it does more than just remove telemetry services. So press the volume up if you want to skip this.

You can also choose to “Debloat Google Apps Only” or “Debloat Gboard”. However, this is the third question that you should answer “yes” to. The “Disable GMS Analytics, Services“This option will turn off all telemetry services. So turn down the volume when prompted. When you have finished making your settings, click the” Restart “button below to restart and activate the new module.

Final remark

If something goes wrong, e.g. For example, if apps crash on you, you can quickly roll those changes back to stock. Open Magisk Manager, go to the “Modules” section and tap “Remove” under the “Eagle Debloat” entry. Then press the “Restart” button above. Once you finish the reboot everything will go back to normal. Done!

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