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How to Remove Duplicate Tracks from iTunes

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If you frequently download outside the iTunes Store, songs in your library may get mixed up, resulting in duplicate albums. If you want to know if you've downloaded something twice, you can easily find this in iTunes.

View Duplicate Items in iTunes

  View MacOS iTunes Duplicate Items

Open iTunes from the Dock or your Applications folder. Hover over the File menu in the top menu bar, hover over "Library" and select "Show Duplicate Items" from the drop-down menu.

This displays a list of items with the same name and artist, so two songs with the same name Names of different people are not displayed here.

Album, length and content may be different which may lead to confusion. Not everything in this list is a culprit. So you should not just delete everything.

 Duplicated elements of MacOS iTunes

For example, compilation and best-of albums will be displayed, curating this artist's songs Up here, if you have the original copy as well. If an artist releases an updated version of a song on a later album, it will also be displayed here, provided he has the same name. If you have both versions, you will also see premium editions of albums that contain additional songs. In any case, you may want some of the songs claimed by iTunes to be duplicates, so you should check this before deleting them.

However, you never want to select and delete everything because both copies of the song appear in this list. You must hold down the Command key to select multiple items and manually click on each song you want to get rid of.

 MacOS iTunes - Select multiple items

This is annoying, but there is no faster way Consider all sorts of reasons why you have duplicates. When you have selected everything, you can right-click and select "Delete from Library" to remove the selected items.

 Deleting MacOS iTunes from the library

At the top of the screen You can change the display mode to Same Album, which greatly reduces the problem and solves most problems with separate albums.

 MacOS iTunes duplicates items in the same album

Items in this list are likely to have import issues, and you can usually easily remove most duplicates.

Bulk Edit

If you want to keep the duplicates but want to change the album they contain, you can do so with bulk editing. While holding down the Command key, select multiple titles that you want to edit, right-click the selected items and click Show Info on the shortcut menu.

 MacOS iTunes Edit Multiple Items

This displays a prompt informing you that you are attempting to edit multiple items. You can press "Do not ask anymore" to hide this in the future.

 MacOS command prompt Edit iTunes Items

Click Edit Items to go to the info window. From here, you can make changes to these fields and apply them to each selected song. When you change the album, the songs are sorted into a new album. However, you might need to add the album art back to Artwork.

 MacOS iTunes menu for editing multiple items

Be careful If you change information here, it's difficult to fix everything if you screw something up. Annoying are the track numbers that you can not edit in large numbers. If your song numbers are wrong, you'll need to edit them manually one at a time, which may take some time.

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