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How To Remove Maps And Passports From The Wallet App On The iPhone

You open the Wallet app on your iPhone to delete a card or passport that you want to remove. Only the button to remove the map is not found. Apple has made this a little complicated, but it's easy if you find out.

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There are several ways you can open the Wallet app: From the lock screen (if this method is enabled), from Control Center or from the home screen. However, it turns out that only one of these ways allows the removal of cards and passports.

In short: To remove a map or pass from the Wallet app, you must open the app from the Home screen . Opening Wallet from the lock screen or Control Center does not allow you to remove maps for security reasons.

There are several ways to remove and transfer maps from Wallet.

Remove Individual Wallet Cards or Passports

To get started, locate the Wallet app on your Home screen and tap to open the app.

Select the card you want to remove.

Tap small ellipsis dots at the bottom right of the screen

Tap "Remove Pass" below

A confirmation dialog will appear Action. Tap "Remove" to complete the process.

You would follow the same steps to remove a credit or debit card from Wallet. only you would tap Remove Card instead of Remove Pass.

Delete Wallet Tickets for Capital Letters

If you want to remove more than one Wallet Pass, you can still use the above method to quickly and easily delete multiple maps. However, this only works with passports (no credit or debit cards).

Open the Wallet app and scroll down to the bottom. Touch the Edit Passes button

Tap the round red button next to the pass you want to remove.

Tap Delete to remove it

Of course, you can also use this method if you want to remove a single passport, but it is the correct one Way if you want to delete more than one pass from the app.

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