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How To Repair A Moist Or Burnt Pastry Crust Thanksgiving :: WonderHowTo

How often do you make a cake from scratch? If your answer is "only on vacation," you are not alone. If you are not a seasoned baker, homemade cakes can be quite difficult to prepare. And the most common problems are the crusts that come out of the oven wet or burnt.

I've never had a cake crust that turned out quite right. Even if I manage to roll it out evenly, I can never press it into the pan without it tearing or falling apart. And then there is the problem of baking it. If the crust is burnt or too low, a cake just does not taste right.

Whether the crust of your Thanksgiving dessert is sticky or charred, there is still hope. There are a few ways to keep your cake for the holidays and beyond.

How to Repair a Moist Cake Crust

Often the upper crust of a cake cooks faster than the lower one. If your bottom crust is insufficient, cover the top with foil to keep it from burning and place it in the oven for about 1

2 minutes at 425ºF to 450ºF. Make sure you place it on the bottom shelf so that the bottom gets the most heat.

Alternatively, you can scoop out the filling and the top crust and simply bake the bottom crust yourself. This will allow you to refill the mixture when it is ready and to crumb a crumb off the top crust. That way, it might even look better if your top crust does not turn out great the first time around.

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Check out the video below of Allrecipes contains more details and tips on how to avoid the problem in the future can.

Fixing a Burnt Pie Crust

You forgot to set a timer and did your crust a bit too ? There are several ways to fix the problem. If the damage is not too bad, you can scrape off the burned parts with a fine hand rub or a knife.

Image by Allrecipes / YouTube

Only burned the edges? Cut them off or break them off and garnish the cake with a ring of whipped cream instead. If someone asks, that's what you wanted to do all the time.

Image by Allrecipes / YouTube

When the whole thing is charred, you can remove it and place it on a new crust and bake it for 12 to 15 more minutes. If you do not have enough time to start a new one from scratch, just use a pre-made crust to make it easier. Probably nobody will notice the difference. More information can be found in the other videos by Allrecipes.

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