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How to restore WhatsApp photos and videos that have been deleted from your phone's memory «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

The ever-increasing accessibility of cloud storage makes the loss of photos ever more rare. However, if you accidentally delete a picture from your smartphone without first making some sort of backup, that data is pretty "toasty" – unless we're talking about WhatsApp photos.

WhatsApp now introduces Rita El Koury as an option for users who have deleted media from their devices without a backup in sight. This retrieval process includes not just images, but also videos, GIFs, audio, and documents, adding to the protection that the app can offer users with media issues.

The catch, however, is that this method does not apply to any media on your phone. The missing data must have been sent or received in a WhatsApp chat so that it can be restored in the app. It should also be self-evident, but you can not recover media that you have deleted from WhatsApp itself ̵

1; only related data that you have removed from your phone's local storage.

Restoring WhatsApp Photos and Videos on the iPhone

If you have an iPhone, if you receive media from someone on WhatsApp, it will not load automatically. The media will be blurred with a download icon. To view it, you need to tap on the download icon. After downloading a photo or video, it will be saved in photos in the "WhatsApp" and "Camera Roll" folders (and also "Video" if it is a video). However, GIFs are not stored in photos.

After downloading and viewing received photos and videos in WhatsApp messages, you can safely delete them from your Photos app. First of all, media in the Photos app is not really deleted – they are moved to the folder Recently Deleted, where they sit for 30 days before disappearing forever. If the time has run out or you've manually emptied that folder, you can still revert to the WhatsApp message thread to rediscover and re-download the content.

To re-download media from WhatsApp, the disk or thread in question must be used. You have not been deleted from WhatsApp, otherwise you will not be lucky. If it's still there, find the media in the chat, tap it to expand it, tap the "Share" button in the bottom left, and choose "Save." You can find the picture or video back in the Photos app on your iPhone.

If a photo or video you've sent in WhatsApp has not been received, it works it's the same as above. Just tap the photo or video in WhatsApp, the share icon and then "Save."

Recover WhatsApp Photos and Videos on Android

WhatsApps Android app is slightly different from iOS. You get the blurry thumbnail and download icon for photos and videos you get, but you also get the size of the file. Tap to download and watch. The media will also be displayed in your local photo gallery.

If you ever delete the media from your local storage, you can simply go back unless you've deleted the message thread or media directly in WhatsApp

Locate the thread in WhatsApp that contains the missing data , The medium is blurred again with the download icon and the size. Tap it, and your media will be downloaded and restored not just on WhatsApp, but also in your main photo gallery.

For photos and videos you've sent and have not received , this is a little more complicated. The media is still being loaded into the WhatsApp chat, but there's no direct way to download it to your gallery.

If you press and hold Media, select the sharing icon. If you tap instead, open the overflow menu (three vertical dots) and then tap Share. From there, you can download pretty much everything except to your local gallery, so you'll have to share it elsewhere first and then download it from there. Why, who knows, but hopefully WhatsApp will make it easier in the future.

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