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How to Restrict Someone on Instagram

  Instagram User Restricting One's Account
Khamosh Pathak

Instagram is a great platform for sharing your creativity, but it can also be a source of unwanted interactions between trolls and bullies. You can protect your account and control unwanted interactions by restricting certain people on Instagram.

How does the "Restrict" function work on Instagram?

"Restrict" is a new data protection function in Instagram. Once you restrict someone, their comments on your Instagram posts are only visible to them (and not publicly).

If you want, you can view his comment using the "Show Comment" button. From here, you can approve the comment to make it public, delete it, or ignore it entirely.

 Tap the Delete button to delete a restricted comment on Instagram.

A. The restricted user cannot send you a direct message on Instagram DM either. Your messages will be moved to the "Message Requests" section and you will not receive any notifications from your account.

You can read their messages in the "Message Requests" section, but they cannot see when you did. Read their messages or when you are active on Instagram.

 Messages from restricted accounts that appear in message requests

The beauty of this feature is that the restricted user is not wiser. They don't know that you have restricted them. You can continue to view and like your posts and view your stories.

Essentially, your Instagram account will be put into a view-only mode for them. You can see your updates, but you cannot interact with them or with them.

How to restrict an Instagram user

There are several ways to restrict an Instagram user, including from their profile or from a comment. This method works on the iPhone app, the Android app and the Instagram website.

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To restrict a user First, navigate to their profile in their profile, and then tap on the top right the menu button.

 From the Instagram profile, tap the menu button.

Select the "Limit" option here.

 Tap the Restrict button in the menu.

When you use the feature for the first time, some explanations about a user's restriction are displayed. From here, tap the "Restrict Account" button. You won't have to do this next time.

 Tap Instagram in the menu

Now Instagram tells you that the user is restricted. You can tap the "More Information" button for more information. Tap the "Discard" button to return to your profile.

 Tap the

button. You can also proactively restrict a user from the comment area of ​​your post. Find the comment for the user you want to restrict and swipe left. From there, tap the "Report" button.

 In the Instagram menu, tap the

button. Here, tap the "Restrict" option to restrict the account.

 Tap Restrict Option From Comment

If you change your mind and want to reverse the setting, you can go back to your profile, tap the three-dot menu button, and select the "Don't Restrict" option .

 Tap Unrestrict

. As mentioned above, you can only control the interaction with the Restrict function. If you want to prevent someone from viewing your activity, you can hide your Instagram stories from them, block them entirely from your Instagram account, or switch to a private account to further limit the unwanted exposure.

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