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How To Root Your OnePlus 5 With Magisk «OnePlus :: Gadget Hacks

You may have thought about rooting your OnePlus 5, but have thought twice about hearing SafetyNet stop you from using apps like Google Pay, Pokémon GO, or Netflix. These are valid fights if you root with traditional methods. There are no such worries when using Magisk as it masks the fact that your device has been changed.

This means you can have and use your financial apps. You can play your favorite games. Magisk is a kind of "clean" root that goes directly to the boot partition to make changes instead of changing system files. Since Magisk does not modify system files directly, it can remain undetected by apps that are incompatible with root.

The Rooten has always been a cat and mouse game. For any modder who finds a way to bypass security to gain root access, another developer creates a patch to prevent future access. Another good thing about Magisk is that it is constantly updated to keep your root intact and keep your apps working. You'll need to use a device with a bootloader that can unlock Magisk, but that's pretty easy with the OnePlus 5.

Before You Begin

First, you should create a full backup of your OnePlus 5 deletes your data when you unlock your boot loader. If you have personal information that you want to save (and who can not?), There are several apps that can help you back up data in the cloud or on a separate storage device.

Most of these apps require root or custom recovery that you probably do not have yet. So you can either connect your phone to your PC and copy important files this way or use a non-root backup solution like helium.

You should also make sure that your OnePlus 5 is 1

00% loaded at least 60%. If your battery dies during the process, you may be able to scratch your device.

Use your USB cable to connect to your phone with your PC or Mac. The cable that came out of the box with your OnePlus 5 often works best.

Step 1: Unlock Your Bootloader and Install TWRP

If you have not already done so, you should first check your developer options are enabled. To do this, go to Settings -> By Phone. Tap your build version seven times until you say you're a developer. From there, go to Settings -> Developer Options and make sure that the "OEM Unlock" setting is enabled.

You need to unlock your phone's bootloader – here you will lose your existing data. Steps 1 and 2 in our Guide to Unlocking the Boot Loader on OnePlus 5 and Installing TWRP are all about getting the bootloader unlocked in minutes.

Now you need TWRP. Team Win Recovery Project is a custom recovery tool that allows rooting and installation of custom ROMs. TWRP also provides a simple and intuitive user interface to make the process a little easier. The ease and functionality associated with TWRP can also help you perform full backups, delete your device, or even install a custom kernel if you so desire. However, before you can take advantage of it, TWRP must be flashed as described in steps 3 through 5 below.

Step 2: Install Magisk Manager

The Magisk Manager app not only helps you to install modules and settings Optimize when you are done with the Roots, but also offers one of the most important tools to Roots – a current Magisk ZIP file. Download the latest Magisk APK file below directly to your OnePlus 5. You can long press the link and select "Download Link" depending on the browser. The downloaded file is displayed in the notification bar.

Tap the APK file and install it when prompted. Enable downloads from unknown sources (press "Allow from this source") if necessary.

Step 3: Download the Magisk ZIP

When you launch the Magisk Manager app, you will be asked if you want to install the Magisk framework. Tap "Install", then select "Download Zip Only" and click "Allow" on the permission request. If the install request does not appear, and instead displays the message "Invalid update channel" above, try closing and reopening the app.

Another option is to download the ZIP file to your PC and transfer it to the internal memory of your device via the MTP link. You can just copy and paste; no need to use ADB. You may need to turn off encryption, and you should ensure that TWRP is properly installed when you flatten the file in the next step. Further information can be found under the following link.

Step 4: Start TWRP

Give your phone the ability to download the file, but when it's done, it's time to boot into your new TWRP -Restoration. To do this, turn off your OnePlus 5 while holding down the volume for a few seconds. If you have enabled Advanced Reboot within Developer Options, all you need to do is press and hold the Power key, tap Restart, Restore, and then Touch to Reboot your OnePlus 5 by Magisk ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  How to Build Your OnePlus 5 with Magisk

Step 5: Flash Magisk

When TWRP opens, you should be prompted to enter your lock screen PIN or password to decrypt the memory. ve has already disabled encryption. On the TWRP Recovery Menu, tap the Install button. Navigate to your Download folder and select the Magisk ZIP file, then swipe to confirm flashing the file. It does not take too long – about 30 seconds – and then you have a rooted phone. Finish the process by tapping Restart System. If you miss the first reboot prompt, make sure you do it manually anyway.

Step 6: Check Root

Reaching the root can be a great feeling and you have it deserves this point. However, it is easy to confirm that everything went as planned. Download "Root Checker" from Google Play and install it on your OnePlus 5. Open the app and tap "Verify Root".

You receive a pop-up message requesting superuser access that you want to allow for the app to work properly. The results will be displayed on your screen.

Step 7: Check the SafetyNet Status

Part of the functionality of the Magisk Manager app can be confirm that your rooted status is not recognized by Google SafetyNet. It's SafetyNet that may prevent you from using certain apps like Google Pay, Pokémon GO, and Netflix. Press "Tap to start SafetyNet Check" in the main menu of the Magisk Manager app to confirm the status. Tap "Yes" in the "Download Proprietary Code" window that appears. If everything is alright, SafetyNet should insist without asking anything else from you.

Maybe you have done this more than once and you still can not get past SafetyNet. If so, we have a guide to help you with SafetyNet issues. If you have passed SafetyNet but are not finished yet, you can be sure that Magisk is for you. You have opened the door to much more customization.

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