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How to save money online like a millennial

Some people lie about their actual birthdays. It's not vanity that drives these delusions – it's cash. By pretending to celebrate the big day, millennials know they have a good chance of making the best bargains online. And we all know that Millennials – Digital Natives that they are – can teach us one or two online tricks.

Recent research shows that more than every fourth percent has a false birthday to get a better deal Newsletter on e-commerce sites; many ask for this date as part of the subscription process. Mindshare's research analyzed more than 1,000 responses to understand how 1

8- to 34-year-olds go shopping.

In our own unscientific research, we uncovered a few other art-birthday tricks. It does not matter if you are 26 or 68 years old, a birthday is your birthday and retailers want your loyalty.

"Restaurants sometimes say they need to sign up for their vouchers on their app or website, they'll email you a voucher for a free meal, so even if it's not my birthday, I'll get back to you me and say it's like I can get the coupon, which makes me look older than I am 26, "says Jennie, who is actually 25 years old.

"Honest, me" I never lied about my age to get a deal, and I really do not know anybody who did it. But wow, I should start doing that! "Mary, who is 25, told us.

The flip side of the art birthday tricks? 58 percent of Millennials say they're inundated with promotional emails.

Here are some tricks Millennials do not use for their birthday to cheat the system.

Save on Products and Services

The Mindshare study looked at other hacks (aka tricks) that use Millennials online, including:

  • Share an Amazon Prime account (19659011) $ 99 per year, but only $ 49.50 if you divide between two.) You can also do this with live stream subscription accounts, including Netflix and HBO Go.
  • Delete the Google search histories for the best Get Price for an Item Your search history in Google informs a website if you've already seen a price for a specific item on this site, and by deleting your history, you may ask the site to provide you with new information the lowest current price. Follow these steps to clear your search history.
  • Leave the items in an online shopping cart. Many retailers have "abandoned shopping cart" systems that automatically send customers a nudging email quote for the items they "forget" to check.
  • Play the waiting game by buying an item until it's on sale. You can sign up for a free price tracking page to set up an automatic sales alert. One such service is PricePinx. Sign up for an account, enter the URL of the product you want to buy, and wait for an email to alert you to a price decline.

All our example millennials use hacks to save on travel expenses. Do you want to know how? Get Started

Save on Travel

  • When it's time to book your ticket, clear your browsing history. If you do so, a travel website will not be able to see if you've searched for fares, so you're probably offering cheaper ticket options. Here's how to delete the history in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
  • Book tickets on Tuesday – this is usually the case when prices fall.
  • Use a travel page to see if prices are going up or down in the next few weeks. Hopper is the newest and brightest. Kayak also offers "Farecasting".
  • Get price discount warnings on fares. Hopper provides email alerts for price cuts on any number of flight routes and days you want to set. If you use the app, you will receive notification wherever you are and can act quickly to get the deal.

What are some online saving tips that you or your favorite millennium use use (ask and share in the comments section) (19459013)

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Infographic: Mindshare

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