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How to save your Google Allo chats before the app is shut down

Last week, after pausing on the app a few months ago, Google announced its plans to shut down Allo at the end of March. The company says it's shifting all over its focus for a consumer messaging app, which is used by over 175 million people monthly. do actually use it. To help prevent those users from losing any conversations, Google is making it easy to export Allo data. An update with the new option is rolling out on Android now. You'll know it's the latest update if the app version is 27, as noted by Android Police . Allo for iOS has been updated with the export tool.

Go to Settings -> Chat. Right at the top, you'll see two options for exporting Allo data.

Choose "export messages" to preserve your conversations.

Choose "export media" to preserve the photos, videos, and other files contained in your Allo chats. Allo wants to combine everything into a single ZIP file.

Picking either option will bring up the Android system share sheet, which will let you conveniently transfer either the chat or the media package. Obvious candidates for backup purposes would be Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. But you should also be able to attach them to an email or drop them into any number of services. You can not just transfer your account to Google's Messages app, however.

Google says it has already brought several of Allo's best features over to Messages. But some (like the ability to change the size of the text in the messages you send to "shout" or "whisper"). Here's hoping. But the writing is on the wall for Allo. It'll keep working through the end of March. After that, the shutdown will occur – a month before the sooner-than-originally-planned end of Google+.

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