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How to Schedule an E-Mail in Outlook

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There are many reasons why you want your email to arrive at a specific time. For example, you want your emails to be at the top of your inbox when you get started. You can do this in Outlook by scheduling your messages.

Before proceeding, we must add some reservations. First, sending an e-mail at any given time can not guarantee that it will arrive at the recipient's inbox at that time. There are many steps between sending an e-mail and the e-mail in a person's inbox. While you can usually expect a message sent at 8:30 to be in one or two minutes in another person's inbox, you will not rely on it for critical delivery. The second drawback is that it only works for the desktop Outlook client, not for the Outlook Web App.

To schedule a message in Outlook

If this is not possible, schedule a message in Outlook. The good news is that you do not need a third-party add-in to do this. it is embedded directly in the Outlook client. Make your new mail normal and click Options> Delivery Delay on the ribbon.

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This opens the" Properties "window with the option" Do not deliver before shipping. "

 Time and date for sending fields

Set the date and time If it is, send your message and it will be stored in your Outbox until the date and time Outlook sends the message.

One important thing to keep in mind: Outlook can only send emails when it's open The date and time you've dialed will be scrolled and Outlook will be closed Outlook will not send the message until the next time you open Outlook: However working all day in Outlook and scheduling a message within working hours, this poses no problem.

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