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How to see all data from Instagram

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Instagram is the location where you can share your photos. Like most social networks, some strange and wonderful things are kept in mind. Have you ever wondered what things it is tracking? That's how you see everything.

Most social networks collect data. It helps them adapt the experience to our needs. Through the search history, they can offer posts that we think are more likely to see and improve the ads to show only those we interact with more. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and the most interesting is when we look behind the curtain. After all, it's not often that this type of data is so readily available.

Instagram allows you to see all the data collected about you and store it in a single place. Less useful is that you can not find anything in the Instagram app itself, and although you may have forgotten that Instagram forgot to have a web site, you need to look at the company's data. [1

9659005] Here's how you can see all the data Instagram has collected

Start with what Instagram refers to as the Access Tool. Instagram does not make it easy to find this page easily. You may need to enter your Instagram credentials to continue.

 Sign in to Instagram

The next page displays all the information from the date you sign up for Instagram. Click on an entry to see more information about specific topics, such as: For example, your Instagram search history.

 Click an option to view your data.

There is a wealth of information here, some of which are quite amazing. For example, have you ever answered a question in an Instagram story? How about one of these Emoji Sliders? Instagram will remember both, showing you when you did it, and the person whose story you interacted with.

 Instagram Emoji Slider Data

More interesting information includes all polls you include. I've interacted with all the hashtags you follow. If you have ever changed your name or username, all of this will also be logged.

 Instagram Survey Data

Perhaps the most interesting of all is that you can see which ads you are shown what they believe it's your interests.

 Instagram Ads

That's pretty amazing, right? Now that you know all the information Instagram has about you, you can completely erase your account if it bothers you.

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