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How to See Google's Pixel Event on October 9th

Google invites you to the October event.


Google has just announced that it will hold an event in New York on October 9, 201

8. While there was no specific indication of what we'll see at this event, we suspect it's the debut of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL … and maybe a few others cool things .

All we know so far about the new Pixel (313 at Amazon.com) phones is what Russian bloggers have released and that is doubtful at best. But we know that it will come soon. A new wave of Chrome OS tablets a Google version of the Echo Show and maybe even some new Android Wear watches could also be unveiled at the event.

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The non-XL Pixel 3 may have leaked


How to Watch the Pixel Event

Are you as excited about what Google has to share as us? Visit us at 11:00 am PT on October 9 to watch the event live.

You can follow all promotions right here on CNET with our live show, including pre- and post-event coverage as well as Google's entire livestream event. You can also view Google's livestream on Google's YouTube channel.

If you can not watch, do not worry, we'll be there live to talk about all the surprises that are released with videos, photos and more.

This announcement is not a big surprise. Google tends to host these special events in October. Last October, Google unveiled the Google Home Mini ($ 49 on Google Store) Google Clips ($ 249 on Amazon Marketplace) and a few other goodies.

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