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How To See YouTube Red Content For Free «Android :: Device Hacks

For a while, the original content of YouTube Red was a joke that lagged behind other services like Netflix and Hulu in terms of quality, so it did not seem necessary to break paywall. But with series like Cobra Kai turning heads, it's a good time to use red. Fortunately, Android users can get all of this content for free without rooting.

You'll need to install an app called NewPipe, which is a free YouTube client. NewPipe does a lot of cool stuff, like blocking ads in videos and, yes, accessing YouTube Red content. There are also a lot of other options that you can play with, such as the picture-in-picture and granular streaming resolution settings.

One of the disadvantages of this is that as NewPipe you can not access your subscriptions, it aims to exist completely independently of Google (so you will not even sign in to your account). This is kind of nice, because Google will not back you up while doing dodgy things.

Step 1
: Enable Unknown Sources / Install Unknown Apps

Before you can do anything else, make sure that your smartphone is ready to download apps. If your device is in Android Nougat or earlier versions, enable Unknown sources. This will allow you to install apps that have not been downloaded from Google Play.

Alternately, if your phone is on Android Oreo or later, you must give your browser permission to install unknown apps. You have the option to do so either now or if you are trying to install the NewPipe app. If you do not care, it's much easier if you try to install the app – just tap 'Settings', tick a box and go back to select 'Install'.

Step 2: Install NewPipe

Now, call the NewPipe APK directly from the following link. When prompted, click "Download." If you have trouble downloading, you may have to press for a long time. In this case you have to select "Download link" manually.

After downloading, the file appears in your notification window You can just pull it down and tap it to open it. You'll also find NewPipe on F-Droid, an open source app store to keep you up to date. Nevertheless, this is another app to install, so the choice is yours.

Now your phone will make sure you want to install the app. Tap on "Install" and then on "Open" when the phone is done with the installation.

If your phone is on Oreo or higher and you wanted to wait for your browser to allow the installation of unknown apps, this is the place to go. You'll need to tap "Settings" when prompted. On the following screen, turn on the switch, click the Back button, and then click Install.

Step 3: Customize Settings

Before you watch YouTube Red content, consider some settings how to change the video quality. To navigate to them, tap the Hamburger menu in the top left corner, then tap the gear icon in the lower-left corner of the menu that slides out.

Tap there "Video & Audio" and you "I notice that the resolution is limited at 360p. Tap on" Standard Resolution "and select" Best Resolution "to change it – then do the same for "standard pop-up resolution." You should also limit "resolution when using mobile data" to something that makes you feel comfortable with your data plan – probably around 720p to get a decent resolution.

Step 4: Watch Cobra Kai

To watch Cobra Kai (or other original YouTube Red content), tap the "Search" button Icon in the top right corner, then tap the name of the video you want to see, then press Enter on your phone keypad, the videos should appear right in front of you, and you can choose which page to watch. [19659023] Now you can use YouTube Red content. While NewPipe is unlikely to replace YouTube for you because it does not import your subscriptions or beloved videos, it's a handy tool for viewing unprompted videos – and, of course, watching YouTube Red shows.

Cover Picture and Screenshots of Brian Lang / Gadget Hacks

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