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How to Sell Your Mac

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Macs are expensive, but they have a higher second-hand value than PCs. Whether you are upgrading to a new Mac or simply needing some money for old MacBooks lying around, do the following to sell your Mac hardware.

Backing up and deleting old data

  Deleting a Mac hard drive

] It's obviously not a good idea to sell a device with all your personal information stored on it. First, you'll need to remove all this data and reset your Mac to factory defaults to protect yourself and simplify setup as a new computer.

You probably will want to keep a copy of your data. If you just bought a new Mac, you can migrate your data from your old one to the new one. If you want to restart or switch to a Windows computer, you can back up your files if you need them later.

Next, you want to erase your Mac's hard drive. How to do this in recovery mode is explained in our manual. It should not take more than an hour, depending on how much data you have and how safe you want to erase your hard drive. After that, you probably need to re-install macOS, otherwise it will not work for who you sell it to.

Find Your Specs

Apple releases new Macbooks almost every year and usually has over a dozen models launching. You should find out exactly what you need for an accurate listing.

If you know what year your laptop was manufactured (not purchased), you can refer to Apple's technical database for a complete listing that you can link to. Otherwise, you can click on the Apple logo in the top menu bar and choose About This Mac.

This will open a dialog box listing all of your computer's specifications.

The most important things to keep in mind are the model name (for example, "MacBook Pro"), the year of manufacture, the screen size, and the RAM of your system. If you've paid for a processor upgrade on your Mac, be sure to give it up.

Option 1: Sell it yourself for more money

If you like money and have time, you can go sell it yourself. In general, you will not get close to the selling price of your Mac, even if it is in pristine condition. The purchase of used products is associated with a discount and must be considerable. You should see how much your particular device sells on these websites, and you should list your price at or below this price.

Make sure your Mac is clean and make good pictures of it for your listing. Make sure you include all relevant information in the list. You should also include a link to the retail page of the product so that shoppers can see how much discount they are getting as well as other machine specifications.

Note: There are many electronic scrap companies that claim to buy their devices for top dollar offer you only well below market value. You have to wade through a sea of ​​scams and stick to trusted sources.

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Selling Online Selling Locally

You have two choices: you can sell it online (and to the buyer send) or sell locally. When you sell online, you compete with resellers, official sellers, and thousands of others who want to make a quick buck. It can be a lot easier, but it also lets you return scams when the service takes over the buyer's side.

If you sell locally, it has a bad reputation, but it's pretty safe to know what you're doing. The basic rules for preventing fraud are:

  • Meet in a busy public place so you will not be robbed or robbed. You can even meet at a police station if you are paranoid.
  • Do not send the article. This is a scam – you sell locally for a reason. Always meet in person.
  • Cash only. Everything else is probably a scam. Fraudsters can commit check fraud by writing a check that appears to be correctly deposited first to jump off.
  • You'll probably get some answers that sound like robots repeating your full post title. Do not answer these questions. They are scams.

Use common sense and do not trust people to ask more than you should ask. There are many scammers, but once you get past someone, the only way to make sure everything is working smoothly is through it.

Local Options

Craigslist is a very good site to sell your old electronics to prospective buyers. Although it's a local market, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you'll find people looking for a second-hand device deal or potential resellers looking to take it out of their hands.

Facebook Marketplace is like Craigslist, just a bit less subterranean and sketchy. If you are afraid of Craigslist, post your entry here.

LetGo and Offerup are two honorable mentions.

Online Options

eBay is the option to sell used goods online.

Amazon, Usually used by other vendors, you can also list your own products, much like eBay

Swappa: Like eBay, easier to use, smaller user base.

Option 2: In Quick Trade

  Apple Trade in program

If you do not bother to make a list or sell your device, you can use it against credit ( and sometimes for cash). Apple has its own trade-in program, which is much faster and easier than selling it yourself. Of course, you only get gift cards to buy new Apple products, but if you want to upgrade, you can sell your old devices to finance your new ones.

This process is only worthwhile if you buy your computer products is in good condition. Apple offered us $ 490 for a 13-inch MacBook Pro from 2015, which is under $ 800, so you can sell it on a website like Craigslist. However, if your device has many scratches or is generally damaged, you will not get close to this amount. Apple would only give us $ 160 for a scratched MacBook – a very small amount – that limits us to the accessory box in the Apple Store.

You can sell it to other trade-in programs like Best Buy, but in our tests, they offered less than Apple. Gazelle offers similar amounts but pays at least in cash. You could try your luck in a local pawn shop if you are seriously cashed, but however you exchange it, you will receive less and less money than if you were to sell it yourself.

We recommend launching a listing on Craigslist or Facebook for a few weeks and then resorting to a trade-in if it is not sold. The best use case for these trade-in programs is if you're the kind of person who buys a new iPhone every year, but in that case you can just use the iPhone upgrade program.

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