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How to send large files over the Internet

Have you ever tried to send a file to someone by e-mail just to let your e-mail service tell you it's too big? As frustrating as it may be, it happens frequently.

Most e-mail services and software limit the size of file attachments. For example, Gmail and Yahoo limit the size of an attached file to 25 MB. The 100MB video of the kids you want to send to Mom will not work. What options do you have? Let's look at them.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send is a free Mozilla transfer service that lets you share files from any browser on your PC. A beta version for Android is also available. However, the description of the app indicates that it may be unstable.

If you do not sign in, you can share files up to 1

GB in size. If you sign up with a free Firefox account, Send can send you up to 2.5 GB of files. When you share a file with Send, the recipient receives a link to click and download.

 Firefox Submit

Submit uses end-to-end encryption to back up your shared file so that it can be accessed from the point at which They send them to the point where they were opened. You can control your file to see when the link expires, how often it can be downloaded, and whether a password is required to open it.

To use Firefox Send on your computer, navigate to the Firefox Send page. If you do not have a Firefox account, you can log in there.

In the File Upload window, drag and drop files to the computer or select the files you want to share on your computer.

 Firefox Submit Uploaded Files

You can then set some options for sharing links, such as: For example, if the link expires after a certain number of downloads or after a certain amount of time. [19659002] A password can also be used to back up the files to be sent. Select the Protect with password check box and enter the desired password. Anyone who receives the link will need the password to access the file.

 Firefox Send

When you upload files to Firefox Send, the service encrypts the data and generates it A link that can be shared. Several files are uploaded and packed into a ZIP archive. Click the Copy Link button to copy the link. You can insert it at any time.

 Send Firefox

When the recipient receives the link, he can download the files (if necessary, unlock them with a password). You can also return to the Firefox Send Site at any time to view, download, copy, or delete your link.

 Firefox Send

Online storage of a file

With some e-mail services, the recipient can access a large file by putting them in a cloud storage service. Instead of sending the actual file, the service creates a link to get this file online. Editors options in this category include IDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, CertainSafe, and Google Drive.

For example, try sending a large file through Gmail, and Google offers to file it on your Google Drive repository. The email you send to your recipient contains the link to the file that person simply clicks to open and view the file.

Using a file transfer site

A third-party file transfer Like WeTransfer, this site is separate from your own email service and may not require an account to use. These websites send a link to an online saved file to your recipient. Just upload the file you want to send. Enter your name and e-mail address as well as the name and address of your recipient. The site stores the file online and sends a download link to the recipient.

How big can the file be? It depends on the service and your willingness to pay. If you choose the free route, your file is usually limited to a certain size. If you select a subscription or paid option, you can send larger files. Here are three file transfer services that are worth trying:



DropSend allows you to send an email to your recipient and send them Attach a file . Your recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to the file to view or download. DropSend offers three personal plans. With the free program, you can send files up to 4 GB in size up to five times a month. For $ 5 a month, you can send 8GB files up to 15 times a month. With the $ 9 monthly plan, you can send files up to 8GB in size up to 45 times a month.



With MyAirBridge you can upload a file and email the link to a specific recipient or simply upload and upload the file generate a link that you can share with others. You can send a file up to 20GB in size for free. A simple plan for $ 2.99 per month covers files up to 50GB, the Pro Plan for $ 10.99 per month handles files up to 70GB, and the Enterprise Plan allows for $ 65.99 per month Files up to 100GB.

Filemail [19659025] Filemail "border =" 0 "class =" center "src =" https://assets.pcmag.com/media/images/641642-filemail.png?thumb=y&width=980&height=757 " />

Filemail is quick and easy – fill out an e-mail form with your address and that of your addressee, compose your message, attach your files and send your message, and your recipient will receive a link to the file he or she can download or view online Filemail also offers apps for the desktop, iPhones, iPads and Android devices up to 50 GB, while the Filemail Pro plan supports unlimited file sizes for $ 15 per month.

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