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How To Send Your Uber Trip Status to Trusted Contacts When You're in a Sketchy Situation «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

If you're in an Uber to meet family or friends, you may want to know where you are to see exactly how long before your arrival. On the other side of the coin, there are times when you want to tell your family or friends where you and your Uber-Auto are, without being asked, like in a dangerous situation. Uber makes this easy as long as you set it up first.

Uber's Trusted Contacts feature allows you to share travel status (such as your current location and estimated time of arrival) with up to five people of your choice. You can already manually share your travel status with everyone in your contact list, but this simplifies the process. And it's well worth your time to set it up because it's important to be able to quickly contact your close family members, best friends and trusted colleagues for any reason when a ride goes awry.

According to a CNN investigation of over 1

00 Uber drivers in the US, they have been accused of either abusing or sexually abusing their passengers for the last four years – and that does not include the innumerable other sketchy situations that happen to passengers daily. Uber rides are usually smooth, but it is important to prepare for the dangers of the rudder.

By sharing your travel information with one or more trusted contacts, you can ensure that the people you expect to come along know exactly where you are and when you arrive. When it comes to personal security, phones such as Apple's iPhone have tools to call your location and 911. However, Uber's built-in tool is a good alternative, especially if others just want to know your whereabouts.

Step 1: Open trusted contacts settings

In the iOS or Android version of Uber's app, tap the three-digit icon in the upper-left corner to access the sidebar menu. Then tap "Settings".

Then tap Manage managed trusted contacts to begin adding the saved contacts to Uber. Then click on "Continue" in the info screen, if you see this. If you do not see the option, you probably never gave Uber permission to access your contacts. Immerse yourself in the settings of your device and close Uber. Try again and you should see the option.

Alternately If you install all of the above, you can simply swipe up from the bottom of the map to bring up the hidden window, and then tap Set Up Trusted Contacts. Tap "Next" on the screen when the info screen is displayed.

Step 2: Add 1 to 5 Trusted Contacts

Then click Add Trusted Contact (only if you are on an iPhone) to continue. If you are an Android device, immediately plunge into the contact list.

You can only add up to five. Select the contact (s) you want to add, and they will appear in blue at the top. If you did not list a contact, you can manually enter the phone number and then choose Add Contact (iOS) or Enter (Android). Select more contacts or add more until you have either used up all five slots or you do not want to add any more, and then click Add.

Step 3: Select Your Trip Sharing Reminder

After you click Add, you can then individually manage your trusted contacts. Touch a name (if you've added more than one contact), and you'll have the option of being reminded that you're sharing your trip with that contact, either before each trip, at night between 9:00 am. and 6 o'clock in the morning or not at all.

Step 4: Share your location with trusted contacts

When all trusted contacts are set up, when ordering a ride, simply wait for the notification at the bottom of the map to view the trip status (if any) set a reminder) or swipe up and release manually by tapping Share My Trip.

If you use the manual route, you can do so before the trusted contacts, so you can add more people if you want to do so in addition to the trusted contacts you've selected. After tapping on "Send status" there is also a link that you can copy and share in another app.

Even if a person you share your trip with does not have the Uber app on their phone, it will be displayed. You'll also receive a text message with a link that shows your location in real time as well as your driver's first name and vehicle information. If your location is out of the destination and you have already exceeded your ETA, it may be displayed to your trusted contacts and you may be able to contact the appropriate authorities.

Images above Uber ( 1, 2)

To stop releasing your Uber site, there is a stop option You can choose which links make the links useless. If you no longer want someone to be a trusted contact, you can delete it by tapping Remove Trusted Contact from the Trusted Contacts menu at the bottom of each contacts' reminder settings.

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