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How to Set Android Messages as the Default SMS App «Android :: Gadget Hacks

The Google News app for Android is absolutely top-notch when it comes to texting. With the app you can block the annoying spam text messages that have been bothering us for so long, sending messages from a computer, and even providing RCS features if your wireless service provider supports the universal profile.

For these features, you must set messages as the default SMS app. The app is pre-installed on many devices today, but many OEMs have set their own SMS app as the default for Android messages. Then there are people who have used another SMS app in the past and still set it as the default. So if you want to try to send Android messages, start here.

Step 1
: Install or Update Android Messages

Download the Android News app first if you do not already have it. If the app is already preinstalled on your phone, now is a good time to make sure it's up to date. So, if you want to install or update, go to the following link from your phone and open it with the Play Store app when prompted.

Step 2: Set Android Messages as Default SMS App

There are two ways to use Android messages to send all future SMS messages (and possibly RCS) messages to process. Depending on how long you have installed messages and if you have already used the app, you may need to use method 2. For most users, however, this is easier. Method 1.

Method 1: Set Messages as Default on First-Run

If you are using Android Messages for the first time or have never opened it on your phone because you have used another app, this is so easy like never before!

Just open the app to be greeted by a message informing you that this must be your default SMS app sending app. You want to tap "Next" and then tap "Yes" in the new popup to confirm the selection and set it as the default SMS app. Now that it's been set as your new system standard, you can use it in your everyday life.

Method 2: Manually Default

If you opened the app and clicked Skip at this first prompt, or if you first set it as the system default, but later on to another SMS app You must manually restore the default setting.

Open System Preferences and put them in the Search "Standard Apps" bar to find the location where you can exchange standard apps for your system. Touch the top search result.

If you're on the main standard apps screen, find the modifying area of ​​your messaging app (usually called a "messaging app") and tap it to bring up a new menu.

Depending on your phone manufacturer and the Android version, you may have multiple messaging apps with the same name. However, the Android messages are displayed with the icon that is highlighted in the illustration below and matches the Play Store icon. Select this app and confirm your selection when prompted to set Android Messages as the default SMS app.

Switch back to your old SMS app (optional)

If you ever want to return to your old SMS app, click The procedure is the same as before. Most SMS apps now work like Android messages in the sense that you can choose the default options the first time you open the app. Many of the apps even show a message if they're not your default app, no matter what you need to type.

As before, once you've confirmed that the app is your new default messaging app for your system, that's all there is to it. You can continue to use the app you just selected for all your message requests.

If you return to a previously used SMS app that does not support auto-detection for the default app, you can do the system settings as before and manually swap the Android News app for the previously used app , Now you are done and can use your old SMS app again.

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