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How to Set App Restrictions on Your iPhone in iOS 12 to Limit All-Day Access to Games and Other Addictive Apps «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Most of us have stuck to our smartphones in a trance-like state at some point, completely unnoticed by what surrounds us. Apple has become aware of this growing problem and has introduced a great new tool in iOS 12 to push us away from our iPhones and spend more time taking care of real things.

The brand new "Screen Time" tool gives you an unprecedented, intimate view of how well you use your iPhone, through detailed daily and weekly report summaries that show your daily and nightly use right down to the minute. These detailed reports not only give you a better idea of ​​how much time you spend on your iPhone, but also which apps you use most often.

These reports even go beyond the daily and weekly summary and "Screen Time" Thanks to the new "App Limit" feature, you can curb your addiction to apps like Instagram or Snapchat. That could not be easier. Note that all of these settings apply to all devices connected to your iCloud account, not to each device.

Create new app and category limits

Open the Settings app and tap Screen Time Tap either the screen timeline or the name of your iPhone above it.

In the available reports, tap the hourglass icon next to the destination application or category you want to restrict, and set the time limit to the hours and minutes that you want. If you want to go further, you can choose which days you want to set time limits by selecting "Customize Days." When done, click "Add" in the top right corner to set.

, Reading & Reference, Health & Fitness and Others. Just tap on it (you may need to enter a time code for the screen time), and then tap Add Limit. Select a category, tap Add and select the time limit.

App restrictions in action on your iPhone

When App Limit is enabled for apps and / or categories, Screen Time sends you notifications when you use a destination app to know how much time you spend still have. When the time runs out, access to the app is either locked until the next day, or you can use the app longer depending on the setting by tapping Ignore Limit.

Editing & Deleting App Limits

To change or delete an app limit, tap the yellow hourglass icon next to the app or category on the screen-time chart page (left image below). You can also tap the "App Limits" option in the main settings "Screen Time" and then tap on the name of the app or category, followed by "Time".

The only way to delete a limit is to go to the menu item "App Limits". Tap the name of the app or category and then select "Delete Limit".

Cover image and screenshots of Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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