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How to set up your TV | HDMI cable, location, picture settings

There is more to it than setting up a TV than simply plugging it in and turning it on. You need to get the right accessories and make the right adjustments to make the most of your new TV. This guide will tell you everything you need to set up your TV – from HDMI cables to picture settings – just the way you want it.

TV Position

You must first ask yourself: where is? Your TV will go? When you mount your TV on the wall, a cable and power management kit is a great way to clean up this installation. This allows you to route your cables and power cables from the floor to the wall of the TV.

If you place your TV on a stand, we recommend that you attach it so that it does not accidentally tip over. Whether a stray pillow hits the TV or, worse, an earthquake, a seatbelt is a good defense against strangers.

If you do not have a pillow yet, we recommend a surge protector or a power strip all your expensive electronics in. So you can not just plug everything in one place, but protect your electronics from electrical surges and power surges.

TV connections

Next question: What do you associate with your TV? Do you already have a cable box, antenna, game console, Blu-ray or UltraHD Blu-ray player? What about a streaming box or a stick? You should connect all the sources you are planning to to the TV and see what types of cables you need. That way you just have to make a trip to the store for supplies.

Always use HDMI cables whenever possible. They deliver picture and sound of the highest quality. For newer 4K Ultra HD sources, such as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player or a 4K streaming set-top box, you should use HDMI cables designed for 4K bandwidth. The packaging, the cable itself or the product description will usually tell you if the HDMI cable is "fast" enough.

Thin HDMI cables are much easier to pass on to components and minimize the clutter of new HDMI cables just to save space. But do not spend too much on HDMI cables! A 6 foot HDMI cable should go for $ 8 to $ 1

2 – everything else is overpriced and offers no performance benefit. Older components like a Nintendo Wii use analog RCA cables, so remember to figure out which cables you need.

If you want big sound with the big picture of your new TV, it's certainly worth considering adding a soundbar, a soundbase or even a home theater speaker system. No matter what you choose, it will enhance the sound of your TV. It's more fun to watch films and the dialogue will be much clearer and easier to hear. Remember, if you connect speakers, use HDMI cable if the speaker system is compatible. If not, an optical cable still provides good sound quality.

Picture Settings

If you have your TV connected and turned on, you want to check the settings. There are many tutorials – including our own – that will help you get the best picture quality, but these basic changes will help you instantly enjoy your TV.

First go to the part of the TV menu where you can choose picture mode. Choose the movie or cinema preset for the most accurate picture. Some TVs have separate options for light and dark rooms. Adjusting the backlight and brightness settings also makes the image brighter. The modes "Alive" and "Sport" are usually very bright, but the colors are not very accurate and the intense image may be applied over time. If you want the right balance between liveliness and accuracy, the default is the right solution.

Another important setting is Motion Smoothing – we recommend turning this feature off. If you do not, you will see image processing that makes the shows and movies you see look like a soap opera. This is the number one complaint that new TV buyers have and it is a simple solution.

Before you start setting up your TV, remember to plan in advance. Make a list and gather everything together to streamline your installation process once you've started. It's always a good idea to have a friend nearby, especially to unpack the TV and mount it on the wall.

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