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How to Share and Scan PayPal QR Codes for Faster Transactions When You Receive or Send Money «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

There are many ways to send and receive money through PayPal. You can use an e-mail address, phone number, or PayPal link. If you are right next to the person you want to pay for, or receive digital money, this is by far the easiest way to use QR codes.

Anyone who uses the PayPal Mobile Cash app for Android or iOS has a QR code for their account, whether they know it or not. This feature is very easy to overlook, especially if QR codes are generally not used very often by the user.

If you're not sure how QR codes work for PayPal, or just need a refresher, we've covered it. You can simply scan the code with the transmitter or receiver device. One of them will be your device. It's super fast for personal transactions and does not require fumbling to find a PayPal.Me link or anything. In addition, the standard camera app on the iPhone or Android phone can be used to make the process even faster if QR code recognition is supported.

Share your PayPal QR code to receive money

To earn money through your unique PayPal account QR code: Tap the Settings gear or your profile icon at the top of the main screen, then tap Profile avatar or in the photo on the QR code icon.

Alternatively You can tap the "More" button at the bottom of the main page of the app and then choose "Scan to" to send money, "so that in spite of everything, it sounds like you have access to what you need to get your QR code

If you are accessing the QR Code section of PayPal for the first time, tap "Done" on the brief explanation screen, if it appears, if you now have the profile iconopt If you have selected ion above, you should already be on the "Sharing" tab. If not, tap on it. For those of you who have used the "More" option, be sure to tap the "Share" tab.

This QR code is your unique code associated with your PayPal account. Anyone you tell them can scan the code to quickly access the "send money" screen for your account. I will not continue scanning in this section, so moves to the next section to see how the sender would scan your unique QR code.

For all iPhone users, there is an option to save the QR code as an image file that you can easily access without logging in to PayPal. On the Share tab, tap the action button ("release key") in the upper-right corner, and then click Save on the action sheet. When you are prompted to access photos, click OK. The image is saved in photos in your "Camera Roll" album.

While there is no option to save an image in the Android app, you can easily save it with a screenshot in your default photo gallery.

Scan a PayPal QR Code to Send Money

When If you want to send money to someone, you can scan the other person's unique QR code for PayPal.

If your standard camera app on your phone can read QR codes (such as Apple) "Camera" app for iPhone or Google's "Camera" for pixels), you do not even need to open PayPal to scan the code. The standard camera can scan them and provides a link that will take you directly to the Send Money screen in PayPal.

The default setting for iPhone Camera (left) and Pixel (right).

You can also go to the PayPal app itself, tap "More" below and then "Scan to send money." If you have not already done so, you need to grant PayPal access to your camera. This should land you directly on the "Scanning" tab. Alternatively, tap the Settings gear or your profile icon at the top of the main screen, tap the QR code icon in the profile avatar or photo, and then select the Scan tab.

After the QR code was scanned, you jump directly to the "send money". Page for this user's account. Tap Send Money, enter the amount you'd like to send, select a payment method, and review the information to make sure it's accurate. If so, click "Submit Now" below and your payment will be sent instantly.

If someone sends you a QR code via SMS or email, you will not be able to scan it with your camera, of course. You will either need to access the QR code from another location (such as your computer) and scan it with your phone's camera or download an app that can scan a QR code from an image file] How to change PayPal's online, in-store, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and PayPal payment cards

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