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How to Share Songs from Pandora with Friends on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

One of the best things about Pandora is the personalized channels that automatically generate songs within the style or genre you choose. This not only plays your favorite tracks regularly, but also opens your ears to previously unknown songs or artists that you might fall in love with and share with others.

Pandora lets you quickly share the current song You can send it via SMS, share it in social media apps like Twitter and Facebook, or save it on your notepad to make sure you do not forget the song throughout the day. The process is straightforward and can run on both Android and iPhones.

Sharing a Song on Pandora

To share a new or favorite song on Pandora, display the information card of the current track by tapping the small icon icon at the top of the play button. From there, click the sharing icon in the upper-left corner of the map, and then select the app that you want to share the title with.

As the GIF shows, we have WhatsApp Example used to share the song, but you can use other apps like Facebook – or even copy link – provided from the list. If the app you're trying to share does not appear, just tap More Options to see other apps, such as your notepad, your email address, and more. Once you've selected an app, just follow the instructions to share and save the song, and you're done.

Once you've shared the song, the person at the other end gets a picture of the album titled, along with a short message and a link to the song. Of course, the person at the other end must have Pandora to hear the song. If the receiver already has the app or just installed it, he or she will be redirected to the track as soon as he or she clicks on the link.

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