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How To Share Your Wi-Fi Password With A QR Code In Android 10's Android :: Gadget Hacks

If your phone is running Android 10, you can now share your Wi-Fi network with friends using a handy QR code. The other person does not have to work with Android 10. In fact, you can even share this code with iPhone users. In most situations, this is the quickest way to unlock your Wi-Fi password.

Step 1: Retrieve the QR Code

On your Android 10 phone, open the Settings app and navigate to Network & Internet. Then tap the word "Wi-Fi" – the text itself, not the toggle switch next to it.

Now select your current Wi-Fi network from the list (this only applies to your current network) and tap the Share button with an icon that looks like a QR code You will be prompted to scan your fingerprint or enter your PIN, so the QR code will be displayed.

Step 2: Share your Wi-Fi password in seconds

Now your friend will just need it Scan This QR code to connect to your Wi-Fi network If the person is using an iPhone or Pixel, they can simply open their camera app and the phone automatically recognizes the QR code as it is displayed tap on the popup and they will connect in seconds be his.

If your friend uses a different Android phone, they probably do not have a built-in QR scan feature in the Camera app. So you need a third-party QR scanner – we recommend the QR code reader and scanner from Kaspersky Lab. Let this app install, open it and just point your camera at your screen. Within a second, the QR code will be recognized and you can just tap "Connect" to connect to your network.

(1) Scan the QR code on a phone like Pixel or iPhone , which integrates QR scanning into the camera app. (2) Scan the QR code with the Kaspersky Lab app.

This is just one of the cool new features of Android 10. Overall, there are dozens of useful changes like these that you can all read about

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Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs by Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

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