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How to sign up for Google Play Pass

  Google Play Passport In Hand

Last week, Google launched the Google Play Pass subscription service, which offers users without ads or in-app purchases access more than 350 apps and games. For a limited time, first year service costs only $ 1.99 per month. It is therefore in your interest to register as soon as possible. This is how the service works and how you sign in to Google Play Pass.

How to Sign Up for Google Play Pass

Before you sign up for Google Play Pass, you must first know if it's available. Currently, it is only available in the US, but Google plans to provide the service to the rest of the world in the near future.

Given the availability, the login is just a few clicks away. First, open the Google Play Store on a device running Android 4.4 or higher.

There may be an ad banner titled "Introducing Google Play Pass" at the top of the Play Store. If so, choose it.

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If there is no banner, look in the menu on the left side of the Play Store. You'll see things like the account you're signed in with, and various other sections like "My Apps and Games" and "Notifications." Under these two sections you will find a new section called "Play Pass".

If you still do not see it, try updating the Play Store to version 16.6.25 or later, or try again in a few days. Eventually, one of these two options will work.

After clicking on the new "Play Pass" section, you will be taken to a login screen. This page explains the 10-day free trial of the service and some other technical details about Play Pass. Click the green button labeled "Start Free Trial" and enter the required information.

Get access to hundreds of apps and games with your new Play Pass subscription!

How Google Play Pass works

Once you sign up for a shiny new Google Play Pass subscription, you'll notice some changes in the Play Store. First of all, from now on you will be greeted on a new Play Pass page when you open the Play Store. The lower toolbar now has the extra section on the left, which gives you quick access to the new Play Pass page.

Here you can search all apps and games included in your subscription. You will find suggestions for different subcategories of games and applications. Some categories, including children's games, puzzles, productivity apps, and image editing programs.

This is not the only place where Play Pass apps are available. All of these applications can be found in the store like any other app. Next to each included application is the Play Pass logo. This means that you can download them for free. Apps even show how much they cost without a Play Pass, and remind you how much you save.

You can manage your subscription by returning to the Play Store home page. Touch the menu on the left where the "Play Pass" section is located and tap the "Subscriptions" section. Here you can manage your Play Pass subscription and other subscriptions. You can cancel it at any time if you are not satisfied. When you cancel your 10-day free trial, you can be sure that Google never uses your $ 2.

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Pro Tip: A Google Play gift card is Perfect if you want to make sure your first year of play is done without delay. If you add a gift card worth $ 25 or more to your account, you can use the Play Pass service for free without worrying about the next year. This is also a great option if you do not want to add your credit card information to the Play Store.

Buy a Google Play Gift Card

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