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How to Spoil Yourself from Smartphones and Social Media

In our hyper-connected world, it's not realistic to get cold with technology. Here are some tips on modulating usage and regaining control over your apps and devices.

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  How to Wean Yourself from Smartphones and Social Media

How often do you open your smartphone and suddenly find yourself losing 30 minutes or maybe hours of your day?

It's all too easy to get lost on our screens when we type from app to app and scroll through social feeds. Modern devices and social media apps serve to reach and keep you. In some cases, this may cause you to become behavioral. However, there are ways to train the mind to regain control of your technology.

Unless you're ready to shut down the power and switch to a log cabin in the wilderness, erasing the technology from your life is unrealistic. What You Can Do is to consume technology more consciously.

Whether you think you spend too much time on social media, feeling too connected to your smartphone, or you, we're more serious about technology and could all be a bit less wired. Here are some tips on how to free yourself from obsessive smartphone and social media habits and regain control over how you use technology.

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