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How to Stop Google Maps Review Requirements on Android and iPhone

  How did Mo climb? Notification

If Google Maps is on your smartphone, you may receive notifications requesting a review for the companies you are visiting. Google usually asks, "How was [Business Name]?" And awaits a review or review. To disable these notifications:

Google Maps knows you everywhere

  Android location settings options

Many apps request access to your location, even when they do not need it. You should not give any app access to your location. However, a map app requires location permissions to get directions. What you may not know is that Google Maps will track you even if you do not use the app because of your Google Maps location history.

For example, if you spend a lot of time in a store, you may receive a notification that you have left … "How was [Store Name]? Help others to know what to expect. "This can be particularly annoying if the company is working where you work. You do not want to rate the place you work, and if you do not, you'll be asked each time you go there. These notifications are part of a Maps feature called "Your Contributions," which requires reviews and reviews.

Google even has a reward program called "Local Guide," which you use to earn points and promise Google benefits. Google does not spell out exactly what these benefits are, so it could be that your mileage is high and you may be losing a lot of data about where you are in order to get a minimal reward. Requests should not be displayed in places where you were before. The notification can be easily deactivated.

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How to Turn Off Review Request Notifications

We'll demonstrate this process with Android, but the process is on one iPhone the same.

First, open the Google Maps app and tap the Hamburger menu in the upper left corner. 19659006]  Google Maps app with arrow on Hamburger menu

Scroll down on an Android phone and tap Settings. On an iPhone, tap the setting gear in the upper-right corner of the Hamburger menu area to the right of the Google Maps logo.

 Google Maps submenu with settings c allout

On the Settings screen, tap Notifications.

 Google Maps Settings Menu with Notification Call

On an Android phone, tap "Your Submissions." You will immediately see a list of notification types.

 Google Maps notification menu listing your posts

Scroll down to Rate and rate places and uncheck this option. The option is the same on an iPhone, but is referred to as "rate and rate places."

 Google Maps Your "Posts" menu with the location "Rate and check places".

While you're here, you may be disabling any other options that you do not want to be notified about, such as: For example, "Ask Questions About Your Environment" or "Add Photos." Once you've set everything up, you can finish it. However, as long as you take care of annoying Google Map notifications, you should also take care of the Discovery-centered notifications.

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