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How To Take A Bothie With Your Nokia Phone

  How to record a bothie nokia dual visor camera menu

You've heard of the selfie. Of course you have, and you've undoubtedly taken a few in your time, even if you're not ready to admit it. Now you're ready for a degree and a bigie – that's a selfie with lots of people – is not enough. You want a Bückin.

What in the world is a beast? It's the name of a special camera feature found on some new Nokia phones, and despite its silly name, it's really funny ̵

1; and it can be surprisingly creative. You can take a picture with the front and back camera at the same time, and the two pictures appear side by side in a specially created photo.

There are considerable software tricks to get it right, and Nokia has the end product – which works with both still images and video. Now it's time to go out and take a few bothies. How to make the most of this cool feature:

Which phones can record a Bothie?

This is a feature you only find on modern Nokia – by which we mean those created under license by HMD Global and running the Android. You can not dig up the Lumia 1020 or the Nokia N95 and expect a bothie.

While the photo itself is known as Bothie, the camera feature is actually called Dual Sight, and you have to find that in your camera app. If you own a phone, including the Nokia 8 (where the feature was introduced), the Nokia 8 Sirocco, the Nokia 7 Plus, or the Nokia 6.1, it should be available to you. As we said, older Nokia phones, including the Nokia 6, do not have this feature.

Find the dual sight mode

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Open the camera app on your Nokia phone and look at the main menu in portrait orientation for a symbol resembling a person in a white Square. Tap on this option and you will get three options: Select Dual . This will automatically switch the phone to Dual Sight, with the views of both cameras displayed simultaneously on the screen.

To exit Dual Sight, tap the same menu button again and select Single . The third option, called PIP for picture-in-picture, is better suited for video because the view from the front camera is much smaller than in Dual Sight.


Now you're ready to take a bothie. This is as easy as pressing the shutter button. The ability, however, is to make the images correct. You can take great responsive shots and selfies with your environment and make sure you're in the picture every time. Alternatively, you can have fun with the creative possibilities.

Why not go live?

Most of bothies will be still images, but dual-sight camera mode can work in videos as well. If you link your Facebook or YouTube account, you can also use Livestream with the Dual Sight Camera. First, turn on Dual Sight mode as described above, and then switch to Video by tapping the video camera icon next to the trigger

at the top of the screen. Look for the button Live . It may be crossed out at this time, but still tap it and you will be faced with the choice of YouTube or Facebook livestreams. Tap your preference and follow the instructions to enter your account information. If you've already set up Facebook and YouTube on your phone, this should be done with ease and with all the details.

Select your livestream platform and return to Camera View. Make sure you are in video mode and tap the record button. You will be asked to give your livestream a name – just tap OK and you will be live. This is a fun feature that is more interactive and personal than a normal live stream video.

If you want a video but do not want to stream live, make sure the Live button in the main menu is crossed out. If you tap Recording your Bothie video will be recorded as usual and saved in your camera roll. It works both in portrait and landscape format.

Swap Pages

You may find that the left image is displayed on the right side of the screen, and vice versa. Nokia has been thinking about it, so look at the top menu and tap the top right button in Dual Sight mode. This turns the two screen views and gives you the desired view.


Sharing photos on the Internet is only half the fun, and Bothies is great for sharing with friends on social networks. Apart from live streaming videos directly on Facebook and YouTube, the stills can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For the latter, all you have to do is tap the button to zoom in on the picture before posting to its native aspect ratio, otherwise it will be trimmed to a square format.

That's all you need to know about Bothies and try to take something. They are much better than the slightly silly name implies, and a unique and unique feature of the new Nokia phones.

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