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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

There is a time when transferring contacts from one's mobile platform to another. Thankfully, nowadays smartphones can do most of the work for us.

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What is the best way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android ? Today we'll walk you through all the easiest methods, so you can get started and enjoy your Android device in no time.

If you need any help at all, feel free to leave a comment below. We'll do our best to help you out as soon as possible!

Method # 1 – Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with your Google account

First and foremost, to use your Android phone you'll need a Google account. If you have one, go to Google's homepage and select the "create account" option.

Once you've created your Google account, pick up your iPhone and navigate to the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" section of your Settings menu , This is where you will enter into your Google account. Press the "Add Account" button, select the Gmail option, and enter your login information.

Your iPhone wants to ask which parts of your Google account you'd like to sync. Make sure the Contacts option is selected; then your iPhone and Android devices wants to start syncing contacts with one another. This is the part where you'll need to be patient. If you have a lot of contacts, it could take awhile.

It should be noted that your iPhone will not tell you when your contacts are done syncing. To check your progress, navigate to the Google Contacts website, sign in with your Google account, and check it out.

Once you're synced, log in to your Android device with your Google account information and

Method # 2 – Transfer with iCloud

If you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, you should take no time at all.

On your iPhone, go to Settings, choose "Mail, Contacts "Calendars", then choose "Accounts" where you should see "iCloud". Choose this option, then turn on the toggle for "Contacts". Your iPhone will prompt you to "Merge" your device's contacts with iCloud.

Once this process is done, navigate to icloud.com on your computer's web browser, log in with your Apple ID, then select "Contacts." Click on the gear icon in the lower-left corner, then press "Select All". After that, click the wheel again and choose Export vCard.

Navigate to gmail.com, click on the "Mail" button, then select "Contacts". Click the "More" tab, select "Import", select "Choose File", then select your saved vCard file. When it gets imported, Gmail wants to display the number of contacts that have been imported. At this point you may have some duplicate contacts, and getting rid of these is easy. Simply press the "Find & Merge Duplicates" button under the "More" tab.

Method # 3 – Transfer with iTunes

 Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock.com </span></p>
<p> If your Gmail, you can transfer your contacts through iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. </p>
<p> First, connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes and navigate to the device screen by clicking "iPhone" in the upper right-hand corner. Open the Info tab, then check the box next to "Sync Contacts with." Choose "Google Contacts" from the dropdown menu, then enter your Google account information when prompted. </p><div><script async src=

Once your iPhone is finished syncing, log in to your

Honestly, you could just use a third party app, but we feel like it's just better , and use these accounts for your iPhone or Android device. There are likely to be a few more ways to transfer contacts from iPhones to Android devices. Do you have any other methods?

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