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How To Turn On The Hidden Magnifying Glass Of Your iPhone For Extreme Zooming «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you want to see something far away with a little more clarity, or if it's hard for you to read small letters right in front of you, you can aim your iPhone camera at the subject and make it look better with "Pinch". But there's actually something built into iOS for the purpose of magnifying objects, and it goes beyond the normal camera features.

The built-in "Zoom In" tool first became available in iOS 10 as an accessibility option, and is available for iOS 11 and iOS 12, as well as for the foreseeable future. While you can use the camera to zoom in on objects, the magnifying glass magnifies the same objects for a more detailed view.

Step 1
: Enable Loupe

You can enable it by going to the Settings app and selecting General, then Accessibility. Next, under Vision select the option "Loupe" and then activate.

Step 3: Zooming with the Slider

To zoom in on the loupe, either move the circle to the left or right in the slider, or slide your finger on the screen up or down. As you can see below, Magnifier can zoom in much further than the standard camera app can. Even if an iPhone has a telephoto lens, the Max Zoom is very similar to that of an iPhone with a wide-angle lens, since Magnifier uses the standard wide-angle lens because it can focus better on narrower areas.

Max zoom in magnifying glass (left) compared to the max. Magnification camera (right) on the iPhone X S Max.

Step 4: Using Flash, AE Lock & Filter

In addition to zooming, there are many different options to let you see what you see better , You can press the flash icon to turn on the flash (it stays on until you turn it off or exit the Magnifier app), lock it, and unlock it by tapping the focus point or padlock icon and adjusting the brightness and contrast. Touch the filter icon.

You can not select a filter in the filter options, white / blue, yellow / blue, grayscale, yellow / black or red black. You can also tap the reverse icon at the bottom left to see reverse, blue / white, blue / yellow, inverted in grayscale, black / yellow, or black red. No matter which filter you choose, with the sliders you can adjust the brightness (upper slider) and the contrast (lower slider).

Step 5: Take a Still Image

Once you have it, how do you do it? you want to press the shutter button to take a picture. The resulting static image fills the entire screen and you can tap the preview image to recall the zoom controls, which works even for this still image preview. The outer circle of the shutter button is highlighted in yellow to indicate that it is not in the camera view mode but in the view mode.

After you've "taken" a photo to the view, it will not be moved to the Photos app app until you press the trigger icon again. In this case, start again. However, you can take screenshots, which you can later access as with any other screenshot.

Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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