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How to turn the camera clipping of your Galaxy Note 10 into a battery indicator «Android :: Gadget Hacks

The punch-hole design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has prompted users to find a clear way to deal with it. Although it is less intrusive than a notch, it can be just as painful if it is not taken into account. One of the more creative options we have found is the use as a battery indicator.

Energy Ring is an app that places a battery indicator around the camera's aperture. By default, the circle slowly disappears when the battery discharges and changes color when certain percentages of the battery are reached. It makes it easier to know how long you can get by without a charger, and it gives you one less icon to display in your status bar.

Before you ask, only minimal battery is consumed. According to the developer, "it burdens the [the] CPU by almost 0%, as it only wakes up to reflect changes in battery levels." So if the hole has to stick out, why not give it a purpose?

Step 1
: Install the Energy Ring

As mentioned earlier, you need the Energiering app to use this feature. Developer IJP has created several versions of the app, including one for the Galaxy S10 series. To avoid downloading the wrong version, open the following link on your Galaxy Note 10.

Step 2: Enable Permissions

Open the app and follow the setup process by clicking on the right arrow. On the second page, select the switch in the lower-right corner to redirect to the Accessibility page. Select "Installed Services", search for "Energy Ring – Note 10 Edition" and enable toggling. Then select "OK" in the popup. Tap back a few times to return to the app and continue with the setup. Select "Done" on the last page to complete the process.

Step 3: Adjusting the Energy Ring

There are some on the main page of the app Options available. Ring Origin lets you set where the ring starts. By default, it starts at "3:00 pm" (if you think of the ring as a clock), but you can customize it by selecting the black line. You can change the strength of the indicator with "Ring Thickness" if you think the line is too big or too small.

Ring Direction lets you customize the shape of the ring. "Clockwise" and "counterclockwise" are self-explanatory, but if you feel wrong, you can try bidirectional, which will make the ring disappear from both sides and close itself.

Use "Load Animation" to control how the ring is animated when plugged in. By default, it's "Linear", with the ring simply running in a circle around the cutout. However, you can accelerate it on one side and delay it on another, make it hesitate around corners, and much more. Finally, there is "color configuration", which allows you to adjust the color of the ring when certain areas of the battery percentage are reached.

Cover image and screenshots of Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

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