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How to uninstall apps on a Mac and free up space on your device

Sometimes we can use computers for days, weeks or even years before we encounter a seemingly simple task – just to realize that we have no idea how to do it. You may be aware of this feeling if you've recently discovered that your Mac contains some programs that you want to delete.

Although MacOS has many advantages, it is not always clear how you can remove such apps. You do not need it anymore and the operating system does not contain a user guide that tells you what to do. Learn how to uninstall apps on a Mac and how to handle apps that you can not delete.

Uninstalling Apps Downloading from the App Store

This method applies to pretty much any app you downloaded from the Mac App Store. If you want to uninstall one of these apps from your system, it's the quickest and most efficient way to do it.

Step 1

: Go to the dock and look for an appropriate option says Launchpad The icon shows a silver rocket ship. You can also find it using the special Launchpad button ( F4 or the button bar icon row) or by pressing four fingers on the Apple trackpad simultaneously.

  how to uninstall programs on Mac apps

Step 2 : After opening, Launchpad replaces all current windows with a grid of apps. You can view, open, and rearrange apps here, but currently you mainly use Launchpad as a tool to delete unwanted software.

Step 3 : Click on the app you want to delete and hold until the icon starts to wobble. If you've used iOS before, you know what it's all about – the shaky movement indicates that an app is ready to be moved or deleted.

Step 4 : If the icon starts to wobble, an "X" should appear in the top left corner of each icon, just click this button and confirm your decision with the Delete to remove the app on your computer.

Done, do not worry if you accidentally delete an app you want to keep, you can reinstall any deleted apps without having to pay them again by going to the App Store and downloading them as usual.

Uninstalling apps that are not in Launchpad

If you do not see the app you want to remove in the Launchpad, do not worry! There may be another way to uninstall the program, but this time you'll need to work harder, so do the following:

Step 1 : Click first on Finder in Dock . The icon is similar to a smiling computer screen. Then either search for the app you want to remove, or navigate to the Applications folder and scroll until you find the app.

Step 2 : Check Make sure the app has its own folder. If so, select this folder to look inside. Many larger or older apps are usually bundled with an uninstaller that removes the app for you. If the app folder contains one of these uninstallers, click on it. This will automatically run the uninstaller, which will give you a clear guide to clearing the software.

 Recycle Bin Step 3 : If the app does not have its own folder or an uninstaller, you still have options. In Finder, click and hold the application icon and drag it to your dock. Towards one end of your dock, a trash can icon should appear displaying the recycle bin. Drag the app icon here and it should move the app to the Trash.

You can program your recycle bin to automatically delete it after a certain amount of time, or you can press Ctrl + click on the recycle bin and select Empty Trash to immediately delete the content.

Apps that you can not remove.

Note that there are a number of apps that you can not uninstall. These are apps that are part of MacOS, play an important role in Apple services, and generally represent the Apple brand to the extent that Apple can not get rid of them.

This includes Safari, Mail, and many more of the other apps that naturally appear in your dock.

These apps will not be removed, but you do not have to keep looking at them. If you want to pretend that they do not exist, Ctrl-click these apps in the Dock. Then select Options in the menu that appears, and click Remove from Dock . This is a nice little way to free up space in your dock, even if you can not permanently delete this software.

The Launchpad also lets you place the icons in folders to clear them out. Click on an icon like on your iPhone, hold it down and drag it over another icon. This automatically creates a folder where you can drag other icons. You can also simply drag the icon to another page of apps to clean up a bit.

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