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How To Unlock Read-Only PowerPoint Presentations

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If you want to have full editorial rights to a read-only PowerPoint presentation, you must unlock it. The good news is that you can open it with a few simple clicks. Here's how.

Unblocking a Read-Only Presentation

There are two ways to determine if a presentation is a read-only file. The first is when you see the words "read-only" after the title of the presentation. The second option is to have a yellow message bar at the top of a presentation with a message informing you that the document has limited access.

Next to the yellow banner message is a button labeled "Edit anyway". Click on the Unlock PowerPoint button.

 Edit anyway

The yellow bar should disappear along with the read-only text displayed after the title of the presentation. Your PowerPoint can now be edited.

 Presentation Title

As you say, there are several ways to cook an egg. The same applies to unlocking a presentation. Although this method involves a few extra steps, we would not be real geeks if we did not show you how.

First, open the read-only presentation and select the File tab.

 Select the

tab. They are moved to the "Info" menu. Here you can see that the option "protect presentation" is highlighted in yellow and a message is displayed next to it. The presentation has been marked as final to prevent any editing. Proceed and select "Protect presentation".

 Protect presentation

Select "Mark as final" in the submenu. Clicking on this button unlocks the lock.

 Mark as final

You will now see that the yellow banner and the associated message disappear next to the "Protect presentation" option. The read-only text next to the title of the presentation also disappears.

 Unlocked Presentation

Why can a PowerPoint presentation be read-only?

A presentation may be suspended for a variety of valid reasons. For starters, it is mainly used to prevent changes. They only inform the recipients. The presentation you received is the final version provided by the original author. The read-only state can also prevent accidental changes caused by human error.

Editing a presentation in a read-only way is more polite than asking you not to edit it, as this is an actual safeguard to your content. However, it's a good thing to take the extra steps to let people know you do not want your content being edited.

Creating a Read-Only PowerPoint

Now that we know how to unlock a PowerPoint presentation and why it was probably locked in the first place, you'll learn how to turn it on again.

Open the presentation that you want to make read-only and select the File tab.


You are now in the "Info" menu. Choose Protect Presentation to open a drop-down menu. Click Mark as final.

 Protect Presentation

You will see a dialog box informing you that the presentation will be marked as final and saved. Click OK".

 Microsoft Alert

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