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How to Use Action and Share Extensions on iPhone and iPad

If you're on iPhone or iPad, you've probably come across share and action extensions, but what are they and how do you use them?

A share extension makes it quick and easy to share content with people, in some cases, other apps. Imagine reading a great guide on how-to geek, but you need to leave to catch a train. Using a share extension, you could save that guide to your favorite read-later service. Want to send it to a friend? There's a share extension for that, too.

Action extensions work much the same way, but let's just say they use some other apps without having to open them explicitly. A great example here is creating new tasks and projects in your favorite task manager, using the source as an attachment.

Both action and share extensions work the same way, which means if you know how to use one, you know how to use both.

How to Enable an Action or Share Extension

To enable an action or share extension, open an app that allows you to share content. Safari is a good example because everyone's on the home screen. Once open, visit the Web site and tap the "Share" button on the bottom of the screen.

You can now see the Share Sheet on the top row and action extensions on the bottom. Depending on which type of extension you want to enable, tap the "More" button.

The next screen shows every available action or share extension, depending on the row you selected. To enable an extension, toggle the switch beside it.

How to Reorder Action or Share Extensions

Re-ordering extensions is vital if you have a lot of them enabled, making it easier. To get started, let's use Safari as our jumping off point once more. Again, visiting a website tap the "Share" button. You'll see the Share Sheet in the top row and action extensions in the bottom. To re-order those extensions, again scroll to the far-right of the list and tap the "more" button. Now, when you see the list of extensions, tap and hold on the three horizontal lines next to one and then drag it up or down the list to reorder it.

How to Use Action or Share Extensions

Once you have done all the things you want to do, then you just use the "Share" button to use. One thing to remember here is that only works with the content at hand show up in this view. That means that extensions can not accept or work with images will not appear.

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