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How to use Amazon Locker

You do not want Amazon shipments to remain at your home or office? So instead, take a package in an Amazon Locker.

If you want to order a product from Amazon, but do not want to ship it to your home, Amazon Locker provides a safer alternative. Maybe you live in an apartment or apartment complex without a suitable place for a delivery. Maybe you order an expensive item and you want it to stay with you. Or maybe you're on the road and need a specific item while you're on the road.

Whatever the reason, you can have the item delivered to an Amazon Locker where your parcel will be securely stored until collection. [1

9659005] Amazon offers more than 2,800 lockers in more than 70 major US cities. Find them at Amazon Whole Foods Markets and other stores and outlets. The lockers are self-service kiosks so you can use them in the evenings and weekends.

Buy your Amazon product online as usual. Enter Amazon Locker as the delivery location during the payment process. Once your package has been delivered, you will receive an e-mail notification with a six-digit code to access your locker.

Using an Amazon locker costs no extra cost compared to your normal address. The only downside is that Amazon only gives you three days to pick up your item. If you do not receive your product within the three-day period, it will be returned to Amazon and you will receive a refund.

However, if the locker is comfortable and accessible to you, this can be a practical alternative to sitting on the porch. How does it all work? Let's try that.

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