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How to use Instagram | Elder planet

What if there was a service that would have sent you new photos of your grandchildren instantly? There are. As one of the most popular social networks in the world, Instagram allows you to share your own photos and see the photos of others you follow. If that sounds a bit like Facebook, it is and it is not: Instagram is all about sharing and sharing friends to like and comment on – but it's totally photo-centric and never needs to be uploaded. Hence the name Insta-Gram .

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo sharing app. You may recognize it by the typical look of the pictures taken and shared with it ̵

1; they are square and often look like old Polaroids – because the app contains a number of easy-to-use Polaroid-like filters.

Although you can access Instagram from your computer to view pictures, it's designed for use with a mobile device – a tablet or smartphone. As an app, you can use Instagram to create a photo, add an artistic-looking filter, and then share that photo with your list of people following you. Or you can just use it to view other people's pictures. You can also interact with photos by liking them or leaving comments as you would on Facebook.

Following other people is an essential part of using the app. Part of the fun of Instagram is to see all the photos – so if you follow anyone, the app will not be very exciting.

How to Sign Up for Instagram

Search for Instagram on your tablet or smartphone on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android and download it to your tablet or smartphone.

When you first open the app, this screen appears.


Registration on Facebook

If you already have a Facebook account, registering through Facebook is the easiest Way to go. Facebook actually has Instagram, so the two synchronize seamlessly. Registration on Facebook does not mean that every photo you share on Instagram will be published on your Facebook profile. You have complete control over which photos you want to share in this way. Signing in with your Facebook login means that Instagram will record your Facebook account information (username, email address, etc.). Registration in this way also makes it easy for you to connect with friends and relatives who use Instagram. The app notifies you which of your Facebook contacts is on Instagram and notifies you each time one of your current Facebook friends joins.

Email Registration

If you do not have a Facebook account or you do not want to instantly sync your Instagram with your Facebook (you can always do it later), you can create a new profile with your e-mail address. You also need to create a username and password. Be sure to follow our guidelines to choose a strong password.

Instagram only allows one username per person. With many people around the world using Instagram – 150 million in September 2013 – most basic usernames are used. You may need to get creative and create a username that contains different initials or numbers like SallyM23. Or you can be really creative and invent a username.

Lastly, when creating a new account, you can tap the big plus sign to add your profile picture. You can either select a photo that's already on your tablet or create a new one.


Next you will be asked Add your real name and phone number. These are both optional steps. The purpose of this information is to make it easier for friends to find and find your profile. Instagram will not publish your phone number, but they will add your full name to your profile

Make your Instagram account private

When you create a new account on Instagram, the default is Public, so anyone can see your pictures. With a private account, your friends and family can still find you, but they'll need to request access to follow you and view your photos. This is how your profile will look to a stranger when you are private:

If you want to make your account private, you will need to change your settings.

To change your settings, tap on "Edit your profile." On this page you can change your personal or private data – your name, your e-mail address, your password and your profile photo. You will need to scroll to the end to change your privacy settings. Touch the slider next to "Post are Private" to change your profile to "private."

When you're finished editing your profile, tap the green "Done" at the top. You will be asked to confirm your privacy settings next. Tap "Yes, I'm sure."

Start Following Friends

Before sharing your first photo, Instagram asks you about other people you can follow. You do not have to do this immediately (just tap to skip below), but it's a good idea to start by following at least a few people you know. You can either sign up for Facebook at this time or allow Instagram to search your contacts.


You're done!

To view friends' photos on Instagram

To see what friends and family members have posted, you should access your feed. Just click on the house like on Facebook icon at the bottom of the screen on the left, and you'll see a stream of photos that people who you follow have posted, along with comments that people have made. " (To read how to "like" a photo, scroll to the end of this article and read our tips & tricks.)

How to share a photo on Instagram

On the bottom of your screen, in the Middle see a blue square. Tap to take a photo.


Once you've taken a picture, you'll see a new screen below with balloons and various names like "AMARO" and "MAYFAIR". These are Instagram filters – they can lighten the colors of your photo and make it look more artistic. Try different filters to see what your photo looks like. You can even make your photo black and white.

Here are three variations of a photo taken with the Instagram filters:

 instagram -fi lter-amaro   Instagram Filter Grid   Intragram Filter Willow

Once you are satisfied with what your photo looks like and have chosen a filter that you like (or you can just go with "NORMAL" and not use a filter), press Next at the top right of your screen.


Here you can add a caption. You have a few other options, such as adding a location or sharing your photo on Facebook or other social networks, but none of these steps are required.

After you've finished writing your caption, tap Share and voila: your photo is shared.

If you prefer, you can email or email the photo to friends and family or delete it altogether. To select other options, look for the three horizontal dots in the lower right corner of the photo. Tap on it and select your option.

To view your Instagram photos

Touch the icon that looks like a box-shaped camera in the lower right corner of the screen. At the moment you only see one or two photos. Once you start sharing more photos, you can all see them here.

 Profile Screen

How to Follow People and Search Themes on Instagram

If you did not start following people when you created your account, you will find here people you may know.


At the bottom left of your screen, search for a star, tap on it to visit the Discovery page.

 How to Follow People on Instagram

In th The search bar at the top lets you enter the name of a person you are looking for, for example: A friend or family member. You can also search for brands that you can follow on Instagram. As this has become such a popular social network, many brands have begun to create accounts to interact with their readers or fans. For example, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart and Senior Planet have Instagram profiles! You can also find Advanced Style and the idiosyncratic fashionistas.

Facebook Find Friends or Contacts

Tap the rectangle on the bottom right corner of your screen. This brings you to your profile. Tap the gear on the top right.

At the top of this screen are people you can follow by joining your Facebook account or allowing the app to access your contacts.

Find Instagram accounts to

If you tap the heart at the bottom of your screen and you're not following anyone yet, you'll see a screen like this.


Tap the green Find Friends button.

You will again be asked to connect to your Facebook account or connect to your contacts. Tap "Suggested Instagram" at the bottom of this screen to see some suggestions. At first glance, these are unlikely to be the people you know. These accounts are from famous photographers or publications that have several thousand followers – and with so many other people liking these accounts, Instagram thinks you might like them too. Tap on a name to view his photos and tap the blue plus sign to follow them and add their photos to your feed.

When you start following people, Instagram becomes smarter with its recommendations for you. Similar to Facebook, the app searches for people you share with the friends you already follow.

Browse Threads

You can also sort photos by topic – Instagram uses hashtags, just like Twitter. Go exploring by tapping the star at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the light gray hashtag under the search bar. Enter a hashtag in the search bar. For example, you could try Elders or NYC. Any photos tagged with people will be displayed. Click on one of the results that will be displayed and you will be redirected to a stream of photos.

Sometimes a company or organization is doing a hashtag activity. They'll ask all their followers to post Instagram photos on a specific topic and add a specific hashtag for a set amount of time. It's one way to create an Instagram community, and joining one of these events is a fun way to get started with Instagram.

Liking, tagging and other Instagram tips & tricks

Once you comfortably book photos, follow the people you know and use the app, here are a few "per user" tips to try

  • To "like" a photo, just double-tap it. If you falsely liked a photo, you can double-tap it.
  • You can identify someone you follow on a photo by "marking" it. After adding a caption, you can search the list of people you follow to choose who you want to mark.
  • You can add a location to a photo. After adding a caption, tap Add Location and search for nearby locations.
  • Click the star on the bottom left of your screen to "search". You can search other Instagram users by name or search various topics by browsing hashtags
  • You can also use Instagram for 15-second videos.

Ready? Once you're done with Instagram and started posting photos, you can add the hashtag #seniorplanet so we can find you!

And stay tuned for our first Senior Planet Hashtag Friday

Happy Instagraming!

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