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How To Use Siri With A Third-Party Email Client Instead Of Apple Mail On Your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Until recently, Apple apps were among the only ones that would work well with Siri on iPhones. For example, if you want to use the digital assistant to create an e-mail, you must use Apple Mail instead of the e-mail client that you actually use. From iOS 12 this is no longer the case.

Prior to iOS 12, Siri will not work even if you have completely deleted the mail app from your iPhone. But as with third-party weather apps, if you prefer a third-party email client to Apple's share version, the Siri feature is no longer locked.

Just set up your email app of your choice with as Many Siri shortcuts are offered to introduce the digital assistant in your inbox. With Spark, for example, iOS users can open a folder, search for archives, or create a new email with a specific contact or contact, subject, text, and signature.

Unfortunately, Spark seems to be the only major email client to be Siri's shortcut compatibility at the time of this writing. Hopefully, with the Shortcuts API, multiple email apps will add similar functionality over time, but at the moment, Spark has gotten everyone to do it.

Method 1
: Assign Siri Shortcut In-App

While Spark has three major shortcuts available, there is only one way to use them from the beginning. In Spark, tap the Hamburger menu icon in the upper left, choose Settings, then Siri & Shortcuts. Here are the three options available – "Open Folder", "Search" and "Send".

Let's say you wanted to set up a shortcut to open your Inbox, select "Open Folder," then "Inbox" from the list, or you'll see "Archive," "Sent," "Pens "and" Drafts "are also possible, and you can really create a Siri link for everyone.

Here you can select your custom Siri phrase to trigger the folder." Type to Siri " Tap "Type Phrase" and enter your phrase in the space provided, otherwise tap the record key and speak your phrase.

When finished, tap "Done." Now you can use this phrase with Siri speak, and your shortcut runs as in Spark, and their siri phrases appear in the Shortcuts section of the Siri & Shortcuts menu in Spark.

Method 2: Assign Siri Shortcut Phra Suggestions

In general, this applies to the app in question There are no keyboard shortcuts in the in-app settings. The app's keyboard shortcuts appear only in Siri Suggestions in the App Preferences or on the lock screen, as well as in the app keyboard shortcuts (see next method). However, available shortcuts usually appear only in these places if you use their feature frequently in the app.

Because Spark is the only email app that currently supports Siri Shortcuts, the following instructions are specific to this app, but the process will be the same for other apps when they become available. The only thing that will differ is the available links and their names.

Open the Settings app and tap Siri & Find. You may immediately see an abbreviation for Spark listed under Suggested Shortcuts . If that's not what you want, or if there are none, tap "All shortcuts." Then search or scroll down to see the Spark section.

If you still do not, see all the available Spark shortcuts. This is because you've probably not used Spark lately or performed a specific action to ask Siri to come up with suggestions. For example, if you open Spark and send an e-mail to someone and send an e-mail, the option "Compose e-mail" as well as the option "E-mail to [Name]" will be displayed when entering the Settings app Name of the addressee.

When you have found and selected the desired Siri link, either tap the record button or type and then type or enter the desired command. Tap "Done" to save the link.

method 3: Assigning Siri Shortcut Phrases in Shortcuts

The Shortcuts app is the only option for those looking for advanced shortcut features. This app developed by Apple must be installed by the App Store, if you have not already done so. As with Method 2 above, available shortcuts for that email app will only be displayed if you have recently used the associated action in the app or are using it directly on a regular basis.

So if you say you want to make the setup a Siri phrase for finding attachments in emails. If you tap Create Shortcut, you can search the action pane for Find Attachments. If you do not know the name of the shortcut yourself, search for "Spark" and a list of all shortcuts will be displayed. [19659002] When you find the link, tap it. It will then be loaded into the workflow of your link. Then tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of "Done".

Here you can Touch "Name" and name the shortcut to better track it on your iPhone. When you have entered a name, tap Done. You can also add a custom icon to the shortcut by tapping "Icon". If you have a unique icon, tap Done.

Most importantly, you want to tap on "Add to Siri." This triggers the Phrase Recorder for your Siri command. Tap either the record button or "Type phrase" to record or enter the command. When you're done, tap Done and your link is ready.

You do not have to stop there either. You can actually add more actions to the workflow of your new link to perform more complicated tasks. For more information on creating shortcuts, see our Shortcuts 101 section.

Other E-mail Applications with Hope

Although three methods for adding Siri phrases to third-party apps are listed above, there is one more Path. If you own a Apple Watch, you may be able to set up a Siri phrase for an e-mail app via the Siri dial. We have not explored this option yet, but if you do, let us know how it works!

Regardless of the method implemented for adding a Siri abbreviation, you can edit the phrase for it or another through the Preferences app. In the "Siri & Search" menu you will find a section for "My shortcuts" above. Tap and then tap the link you want to edit. You can also delete links from this menu.

As previously mentioned, we hope that more email app developers are using Siri shortcuts in iOS 12 and higher. There are now an infinite number of apps in other categories that are compatible with these Siri commands. While you're waiting for your email fix to be retrieved, check to see how developers have added Siri shortcuts to other apps you use. Cover picture and screenshots of Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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