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How to use the magical jump in the exterior settings is not perfect, but it's possible «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

From day one, my favorite on the Magic Leap One was its portability. It is so well designed that it only shouts for a walk around the city. Unfortunately, Magic Leap says the device is (currently) designed for indoor use, preferably in environments with few windows or black surfaces.

I understand this policy because of some of the difficulties I had in scanning indoors. But I could not ignore the extreme mobile friendliness of the device, so I decided to take the chance and see what the Magic Leap One can do outdoors.

But I had to be strategic. I just could not go into the middle of the day and use it on every corner and expect good results. Without walls (or wall-like structures) and with too much light, I could not even begin (I've already tried that, and the sensors of the device could not pick up anything). So I was looking for a piece of New York City that's technically out there, but with the characteristics of a room.

It took a bit of searching, but I finally decided on a nice little corner in Central Park ̵

1; the Conservatory Garden. Google Maps showed me that the garden had an area with stone benches and a thatched roof that I thought could be good enough to give me my room in nature.

In addition to the location, I was also strategically about the time of day. I did not want too much sunlight so I left the day with just a few hours of sunlight. The garden was pretty crowded at the time, but after my recent public experience with the unit, I was convinced that I was not aware of questions from passersby (New Yorkers apparently have seen everything) and mine

Opening the menu to open the Create App was easy The hardest part was that the Magic Leap One found something to scan. My initial assumption was that the device would try to use my previously saved WorldMesh scan data from the last room I was in, but instead I started scanning the outside space. We are in business!