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How to Use the Microsoft Edge Integrated Dictionary

The October 10, 2018, Windows Update brought many new features, including some for Microsoft Edge. One of them is a built-in dictionary available in the Reading View, in an eBook, or in a PDF file -in Dictionary

Edge's built-in dictionary lets you mark a word and make the definition appear inline without the current one To leave page.

The first thing you need to do is open Edge and make sure that the dictionary exists. To enable it, go to Settings> General and select Show Inline For.

In these examples, we will use the read view, but the other options should work in the same way. 19659006] Next, click the book icon in the far right of the address bar (or press Ctrl + Shift + R).

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Double-click to select a word and a definition appears in a small window.

From here, you can click the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of the word, or click More to see additional information, such as: Various uses of the word, examples, a complete list of synonyms, and the origins of the word.

All words defined in Microsoft Edge are provided by the Oxford Dictionary.

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