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How to use the Microsoft Phone app on your Android phone

  Microsoft Your Phone App
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Did you e-mail yourself a photo or a screenshot to get it from your phone to your computer? You may upload images to a service like Google Photos or Dropbox and then download them to your PC. With the Your Phone App from Microsoft, you can connect your Android phone directly to your Windows PC or laptop and drag and drop photos or screenshots. With the app you can also receive and send SMS from your phone on your computer. In this guide we'll show you how to set it up, what it can do and where it does not work.

How to Set Up Microsoft Your Phone

If you have a PC or laptop with Windows 1

0 April 2018 Upgrade (version 1803) or later and an Android phone with Android 7.0 Nougat or later, then you can use your phone from Use Microsoft. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Note: Support for iOS is coming, but at the time of writing this manual, there is still no sign of it.

You can download and install Microsoft's Your Phone App for Windows 10.

  Microsoft Store The "Your Phone" App

You can also find them by typing "Your Phone" in the search bar or by clicking the button at the bottom left of the button and scrolling down to start the Microsoft Store. If you found the "Your Phone" page, click Get and follow the instructions to install the app.

When you're done, you can start the app and you'll be asked to install a counterpart on your Android phone. The easiest way to do this is to enter your number and the link to install the app will be sent via SMS. Alternatively, visit the Google Play Store and enter "Your Phone Companion" in the search bar. Install the app on your Android phone.

The two apps should sync, and you'll be asked to grant different permissions on your Android phone to link the devices and give access to your photos, text, phone calls, and contacts. [19659012] Once you grant access, your phone will appear in the Windows Phone app on your computer. You can access the latest photos or messages, and there is a settings page.

The Photos section contains the last 25 photos or screenshots taken on your Android phone. You can click to share or edit them, or you can simply drag and drop them to your desktop or folder.

The Messages section lists the last 15 conversations and lets you enter and send new text messages using the desktop or laptop keyboard.

App Phone Limitations

As mentioned, photos and screenshots are limited to the last 25 shots. If you take a new one, you can tap "Refresh" to get the updated list.

The messages are limited to the last 15 conversations, but could not be displayed in the desktop app. We tested your phone with a Google Pixel 3, and despite the troubleshooting tips, existing messages just are not syncing. We were able to send new text messages from the computer and pass through new incoming messages that we received while linking Pixel 3 in the App Your Phone on our desktop PC – as well as other notifications at the bottom right of the screen.

A quick look at the reviews on the app in the Microsoft Store and the Google Play Store makes it clear that the issues are not uncommon.

Microsoft suggests that the App Your Phone runs constantly so that your phone and your computer are connected, but also acknowledges that this will affect the battery life. The ability to transfer photos and screenshots without having to search and plug in a cable is a big attraction for us, and the app does not have to run for that. You can simply load it when you transfer a picture. [19659020]
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